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Great Mosque of Quebec A victim of the attack will be compensated

The Quebec Court of Appeal ruled on Friday that Karim Mabrouk, a victim of the attack on the great mosque of Quebec in January 2017, must be compensated.

“Karim Mabrouk was eligible for compensation for temporary total disability under the Criminal Acts Compensation Act for the period starting on the day of the event, January 29, 2017, until September 11, 2017” , can we thus read in the judgment of ten pages.

The victim appealed against the decision rendered in January 2020 by the Superior Court of Quebec, which then ruled in favor of the refusal of the compensation program for victims of crime (IVAC) to recognize his incapacity for work.

Judges François Pelletier, Geneviève Cotnam and Benoit Moore thus reversed the judgment rendered by the Superior Court and quashed the decision of the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec of August 20, 2019.

Karim Mabrouk was one of the victims who were inside the great mosque of Quebec when Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire on several faithful present on the evening of January 29, 2017. He then suffered a major trauma requiring psychotherapy and treatment. ‘preventing them from finding work.

Mr. Mabrouk then filed an application with the IVAC in February 2017 in order to benefit from income replacement benefits, compensation which was ultimately refused to him since he was unemployed during the events.


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