Great God broke the news again! Paper Mario, Metroid may be released this year

Tweeter “@New_WabiSabi” has once again revealed related news about Switch’s new works “Paper Mario” and “New Warrior” series.

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According to the “New_WabiSabi” breaking news, after researching it, he felt that the news that “Paper Mario” and “Military Warrior” (not “Military Warrior Prime 4”) will be released in 2020 is very reliable.

Ranger Network

According to his breaking news, the new 2D “Military Warrior” work seems to be actually related to “Military Warrior Fusion”. He heard that this work is scheduled to be released this year. The new work “Paper Mario” is also scheduled to be released this year.

Ranger Network

New @ New_WabiSabi broke a lot of news during E3 2019, and even received a Nintendo’s password. As for whether this news can still hit, let us wait and see.


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