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Grasp the initiative in the supply chain, “Oarmilk” wants to be the lululemon in the dairy industry

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According to public data such as Xueqiu, domestic raw milk prices have accelerated from 2018 to the present, and there have been cycles of price fluctuations in 2013-2015.The cyclical fluctuations of milk prices are related to many factors such as weather, supply, market sentiment, etc.This kind of volatility forces dairy brands to pay more attention to the supply chain and gain the initiative in the upstream and midstream.

36Kr recently paid attention to a dairy product brand “Oarmilk”. Its parent company, “Handan Kangnuo Food Co., Ltd.” was established in 1997 to provide brand support in terms of capital, technology, and supply chain. Oarmilk currently has two low-temperature yogurts on sale: “Single cup fermented sea salt yogurt” and “European fresh cheese craft yogurt”. The prices are respectively 7.9 yuan and 12.8 yuan, and the specifications are 100g.

Oarmilk product map

Oarmilk products went online in September 2020. In 2018, the team selected the ranch located in Tianjin Dagang Wetland. After half a year of emptying and sterilization, the entire herd of imported New Zealand dairy cows were placed in. At present, all Oarmilk products are sourced from milk This pasture.In 2016, the founder Wang Weijian invested more than 100 million yuan to build a fully automated dairy factory and purchase imported equipment such as Westfalia Whey Separator to ensure the quality of new dairy products.

The founder Wang Weijian told 36Kr that the Westfalia Whey Separator is an important machine for preparing Greek yogurt. In order to be compatible with the new equipment, Oarmilk re-modified the production line, such as the wide flow channel modification of the sterilizer, to reduce the product The viscosity and state loss.

Wang Weijian said that the homogeneity of the domestic dairy product track is serious. Before the room temperature yogurt merchants considered more sales links. After visiting dairy products factories in Denmark, Germany, Japan, Britain, Russia, etc., they found that the European factories are old. And the scale is not large, but it can produce a variety of products, I hope Oarmilk’s products can absorb part of the process.

Aerial view of the Oarmilk factory

The two products currently on sale use different processes. “Single cup of fermented sea salt yogurt” is a process of making fresh milk with only lactic acid bacteria and a small amount of Australian sea salt, pouring it into the package and sealing, and then sending it to the fermentation room for natural fermentation. This is also the traditional European home yogurt production process. “European fresh cheese craft yogurt” is to ferment the fresh milk, use the European fresh cheese craft (Greek yogurt craft) to separate part of the whey, and then backfill the milk fat into the yogurt, the original milk protein content can reach 9g/100g.The above two products belong to the “Basic series” products. The ingredients list only contains fresh milk and bacteria. The main selling points are sugar-free and no additives.

Wang Weijian told 36 krypton that he once asked the factory to make a jam made of fresh fruits, and was surprised by the aroma and taste. In the future, short-term jam with fresh aroma and taste will be added to yogurt without additional flavors and substitutes. Sugar, made into “Baby series” products. In order to meet the needs of fitness people, Oarmilk will also reduce the milk fat content, retain protein nutrition, and make it into a “Fit series” product.

Oarmilk has a layout at the brand level, hoping that consumers can associate the brand with a “healthy lifestyle”: 2020-2011 becomes the “Officially Designated Dairy Product” of the Beijing Youth Hockey Club League, invites personnel from the embassies of Finland and Canada in Beijing to participate in the Oarmilk Workshop, and sponsors sports brands such as Goat Boxing, Muscle Dog, and Camo Yoga. Oarmilk tested in the fitness crowd in the early stage and found that the product’s sugar-free and preservative-free characteristics match the health needs of this group of people, plus the team’s private domain operation capabilities.As well as sponsoring sports and fitness activities and other brand play methods, some seed users have been precipitated, generally among the middle-class and above people who love healthy lifestyles.

Oarmilk Ranch Map

At present, Oarmilk has launched small programs, Taobao, and JD. After the Spring Festival, offline channels such as new retail convenience stores and high-end supermarkets will be opened, and all channels will be opened up as soon as possible. Subscription membership is also a major user strategy of Oarmilk. While ensuring that the member price is lower than the retail price of the mall, in addition to Oarmilk’s own brand dairy products, cheese, butter and cream of foreign dairy brands such as President, Anjia, Lucky Cow, and Kinkell Other products will also be launched on the Mini Program Member Store to meet members’ one-stop shopping needs for dairy products.

Oarmilk’s strategy is that the product will go through three stages of low-temperature yogurt-low-temperature dairy products-dairy products as raw materials, and the model will also change from a one-stop dairy membership model to a new consumer-centric retail model. It is hoped that it can guide the circle economy in the new health consumption field.

In terms of the team, the founder Wang Weijian is a serial entrepreneur. He was the chairman of Handan Kangnuo Food Co., Ltd. and has 24 years of experience in the dairy industry. Co-founder and CBO Wu Kai has 8 years of overseas study and work experience, has brand resources in the fields of fashion, sports and health, and is responsible for brand business cooperation within the team. Co-founder and CPO Li Jiankun is familiar with ranch, products, channel sales and other links, and is responsible for team product research and development.

It is reported that Oarmilk is recruiting channel and e-commerce partners.



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