Graphics cards become the hottest smuggled goods in the world - Photo 1.

Graphics cards become the world’s hottest smuggled goods

The COVID-19 pandemic caused considerable damage to industries and gaming communities around the world. The gaming industry is currently heavily affected by a shortage of computer chips. This is a key component in the PC and consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Currently, supplies of computer chips have become so scarce that they have become extremely hot items to smuggle.

At the beginning of the pandemic, restrictions on the quarantine of entire society led to the closure of many factories in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. This leads to an extremely scarce supply of semiconductors. Big companies like AMD and NVIDIA do not have enough raw materials for production to meet the needs of users.

Reports indicate that the shortage could last for at least another year. Limited stock has led some people to take advantage of this situation to try to smuggle GPUs into many countries. Recently, Hong Kong customs found an illegal shipment on a fishing boat.

Graphics cards become the hottest smuggled goods in the world - Photo 2.

The shipment includes 300 NVIDIA 3000 Series GPUs, SSDs, RAM, smartphones and other smuggled goods. The graphics cards are worth about $ 700 each, equivalent to a total of $ 210,000. In particular, the NVIDIA 3000 Series graphics card is capable of mining Ethereum and with 300 graphics cards, can mine about 5,000 USD in a week. Even though miners are buying a lot of graphics cards, NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress doesn’t believe crypto mining is causing a shortage of hardware.

Shortages of computer chips are expected to last until mid-2022, according to Foxconn, a leading electronics manufacturer in the world. A shortage can lead to a dramatic drop in consoles and PCs. The US government is currently taking action to address the shortage of computer chips after Sony, Microsoft, and other organizations sent letters asking the president for help on the shortage.

President Biden responded by signing an order to open a 100-day investigation into the supply of semiconductors. Hopefully the investigation will help resolve the current situation, especially when the technology is being smuggled. With pandemic restrictions being loosened in many countries, supplies of computer chips may slowly return to normal. Until then, graphics cards can be quite difficult to find to buy in the gaming community around the world.

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