Grandma you can also "photoshop" after the latest update

Grandma you can also "photoshop" after the latest update

Adobe is gradually upgrading its Photoshop application with better tools to help users avoid the pain of having to do one of the toughest photo editing tasks: cutting complex objects out of the background.

Tools such as Magic Wand, Magnetic Lasso, and Quick Selections are all major improvements, but the Select Subject tool with the help of AI from Photoshop is really a breakthrough that photo editing people have long dreamed of. come, and Adeobe will make it smarter soon.

Introduced in Photoshop CC last year, the Select Subject tool is a simple, one-click technique that takes advantage of Adobe Sensei's cloud-based AI capabilities to analyze images, thereby identifying. What is the most important subject in the image and automatically makes a selection around it. This tool is fully automated, so there are both pros and cons. When operating correctly, it can help minimize many time-consuming operations with only one click. But if you incorrectly guess the object being edited, or make the selection too close to the surrounding objects, it will cause the photo editor to refine quite a lot, spending more time on things that shouldn't be done. .

The Select Subject tool is really a cool technique that shows the potential capabilities that AI has in automating and simplifying workflows in extremely complex software, with Photoshop as an example. But at the time of launch, it was not reliable enough to be used daily.

New Object Selection Tool in Photoshop

Prior to the Adobe Max conference, which will take place in Los Angeles next week, Adobe "teased" a new and improved version of the Select Subject tool, now known as the Object Selection. Changing the name doesn't make the tool sound superior, but instead of relying on Adobe Sensei to automatically guess which object the user wants to edit in an image, the Select Subject tool now lets users draw a frame around an object or objects, and Photoshop automatically creates a selection around them.

Last year's version of the tool felt like a demo, which made viewers admired, but not really ready to be part of the workflow of professional Photoshop users. However, by bringing this feature to the user community as soon as possible, Adobe was able to improve its capabilities through deep learning algorithms inside the tool, which automatically improve after each time. use. The new Object Selection tool is something you can really use every day because it allows you to quickly add or exclude other objects from a selection just by drawing other selections around them. Of course you will still need a bit of editing after the tool has done its job, but this latest update of Photoshop shows that one of the most difficult tasks in photo editing is now possible. solved much easier.

Reference: Gizmodo

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