Grand singer Xu Xiaofeng: once held 43 concerts a year, the Spring Festival Gala made an exception for her to record and broadcast programs

Grand singer Xu Xiaofeng: once held 43 concerts a year, the Spring Festival Gala made an exception for her to record and broadcast programs

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“Music has no national boundaries, but musicians have a motherland.” Many people change their nationality at all costs for the sake of temporary benefits, thus pursuing a “good life” abroad. But a truly outstanding and determined person never forgets his beloved motherland because of some petty gains. Therefore, they are always treated well by time and remembered by history because they are worthy.

In the last century, countless Hong Kong and Taiwan stars in the entertainment industry have become the memory of generations through their excellent strength, and they will forever be engraved in the minds of the general public.

Among them, the queen singer named Xu Xiaofeng has won the popularity of countless people with his unique voice. She meets love unexpectedly, but Xu Xiaofeng’s request to change her nationality and leave her hometown makes it difficult for Xu Xiaofeng to accept. Since then, she has been cumin alone, and she has never been married since she was young.

By chance, she discovered her talent

Her name is Xu Xiaofeng, a girl who has been popular all over the country in the last century. Xu Xiaofeng was born on January 1, 1949, and his ancestral home is Wuhan, Hubei. However, because his parents moved to Hong Kong for work reasons when he was two years old, Xu Xiaofeng himself looks more like a Hong Kong native.

Xu Xiaofeng is the eldest of the family, after which his parents gave birth to five more children. As a family of eight, life was not easy in that era when materials were generally scarce.

Fortunately, Xu Xiaofeng’s parents were both businessmen. They started as small merchants and hawkers, and later became a well-known food business in the local area. Their family background was not so poor, so Xu Xiaofeng and his brothers and sisters spent their peaceful and prosperous childhood.

In the era when Xu Xiaofeng lived, although the status of women has been greatly improved, they are still not regarded as much as boys. Therefore, no matter the family economic conditions are good or bad, there are still countless girls who drop out of school early under the influence of traditional thinking.

Xu Xiaofeng primary and junior high school both attended Buddhist Cihang School. Because she did not have a strong sense of studying, and her parents were busy in business, she needed Xu Xiaofeng, the eldest daughter of the family, to help, so when Xu Xiaofeng was in her second year, she dropped out of school and went home early. , To help parents manage their business.

In 1965, in Hong Kong, a “Hong Kong Orioles” competition jointly organized by “Tiantian Daily” and the Nanguo Experimental Theatre Company was about to start. Under the encouragement of two friends, Xu Xiaofeng went together to participate in his singing competition.

Among them, two friends prepared for a long time, but they came prepared but ended in failure. Only Xu Xiaofeng, who accompanied her friends by the way, won the championship in one fell swoop with a concise and lively song called “The Fire of Love”.

As the original sung of the competition was the well-known singer Bai Guang, and Xu Xiaofeng’s deep and magnetic voice on the stage left a deep impression on the judges and audience, Xu Xiaofeng won the title of “Little White Light” after the competition.

Xu Xiaofeng, who won the championship, went home with the championship trophy for the first time to show his parents his achievements, and said that he seemed to be quite talented in music, and hoped to make achievements in music in the future.

Under the special social environment at that time, entertainment industries such as singing and dancing were not as popular as they are now, and they mostly worked in relatively mixed places such as nightclubs. Many people still held big prejudices about this. Therefore, when the excited Xu Xiaofeng expressed her thoughts, her parents were not so happy and severely warned her not to engage in similar work.

Under the firm and unanimous opposition of his parents, Xu Xiaofeng temporarily dismissed the idea of ​​singing, and was still busy in his own business.

Bravely break into the music scene and become popular ever since

In 1969, time has passed for a long time. Originally, Xu Xiaofeng thought that his love for music was just a whim. But what I did not expect is that it has been four years since I participated in the competition last time, but my desire for the stage has not been reduced. It turned out to be even stronger.

As a result, Xu Xiaofeng once again plucked up the courage to express to his parents his desire to work in music. After several persuasion, his parents saw Xu Xiaofeng really like it, so they reluctantly agreed to his request to engage in music.

With the support of his parents, Xu Xiaofeng immediately sought jobs everywhere. Although he has the results of previous competitions, Xu Xiaofeng’s voice is low and completely different from the sweet and charming tone that was the most popular nightclub in the past, so Xu Xiaofeng was rejected several times when he started to apply for a job.

However, after several auditions, many audiences still liked Xu Xiaofeng’s unique singing voice and even became his loyal fans. Over time, Xu Xiaofeng, with his unique personal charm, took root in the Huadu of Mong Kok, the capital of Tsim Sha Tsui and other large nightclubs.

However, even if Xu Xiaofeng is quite capable, he can’t escape the hardships of entering the workplace. At the beginning of his job, not only did he sing from 7 o’clock in the evening to 2 o’clock in the morning, but the monthly salary was only more than 600 Hong Kong dollars. But out of love, Xu Xiaofeng chose to stick to his decision.

Due to the popularity of the performance, Xu Xiaofeng worked in the nightclub for a period of time, and then went to the Southland Record Company, which belongs to Malaysia, to burn three discs, including 12 songs. It is worth mentioning that Xu Xiaofeng only took two days to record these twelve songs.

Imagine that it took time for mature singers to record songs under the conditions of the primitive equipment at the time. What’s more, Xu Xiaofeng, a novice who has just entered the music scene, is enough to prove how hard Xu Xiaofeng was in the singing career he loves.

The following year, as Xu Xiaofeng continued to gain a large number of fans in the Hong Kong music scene, the record companies he signed successively also continued to invest in recording records for him. Until the end of the 1970s, many singers who entered the same period were still struggling, but Xu Xiaofeng had already With the achievements of more than 30 records, he has become a veritable high-energy, high-yield and efficient singer.

Since the 1980s, Xu Xiaofeng, who has accumulated countless outstanding works, has truly entered the heyday of his singing career.

In the early days, Xu Xiaofeng first won the Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody Awards in a competition hosted by Radio Hong Kong with a “Capriccio”, which consolidated his position in the music scene. In 1985, Xu Xiaofeng held ten large-scale concerts in Hong Kong and won the title of “Hall Queen” for himself.

Xu Xiaofeng is also the only singer who makes an exception to record and broadcast the Spring Festival Gala for himself. On the eve of the Spring Festival Gala in 1989, Xu Xiaofeng received an invitation from the director of the Spring Festival Gala to sing a song on his stage.

The Spring Festival Gala, as an extremely grand national program in my country, is naturally a stage where all artists dream of showing themselves. But unfortunately, before that, Xu Xiaofeng had already arranged a grand concert at the same time at the Spring Festival Gala, so he couldn’t get out of it for the Spring Festival Gala.

As we all know, Spring Festival Gala shows have always been broadcast live, and there is no precedent for recording and broadcasting, but Xu Xiaofeng used his own strength to make the Spring Festival Gala make an exception for himself.

In order not to regret, the person in charge of the Spring Festival Gala did not directly change because of Xu Xiaofeng’s concert. Instead, he made an exception to allow Xu Xiaofeng to record the show in advance and broadcast it on time during his performance. Since then, Xu Xiaofeng has become the only artist in the history of the Spring Festival Gala who can not broadcast live for many years, and such a record has still not been broken.

In addition, in 1992, Xu Xiaofeng held 43 solo concerts in Hong Kong Red Factory in one year, setting a record for the most solo concerts held in a short period of time, and was entered into the world record, which is still no one to surpass.

For the motherland, I would rather give up love

Xu Xiaofeng’s singing career has become so popular. From a small nightclub resident singer to a palace-level queen who later made countless fans crazy. Among them are the sounds of nature bestowed on Xu Xiaofeng, and Xu Xiaofeng faces music. Unremitting efforts to sing.

At a time when his career was on the rise, Xu Xiaofeng, who was greatly favored by the heavens, also came to usher in his beautiful but very helpless love.

In 1973, Xu Xiaofeng met a man named Liao Hui by chance. At this time, Xu Xiaofeng was in his most beautiful years, and the ubiquitous singing often made people linger. Liao Hui soon fell in love with Xu Xiaofeng and launched a fierce pursuit of him.

When love comes, there is often no need for too many reasons. After spending some time with Liao Hui, Xu Xiaofeng also hopelessly fell in love with Liao Hui. The two quickly fell in love amid the warming up of emotions. Normally, most artists will not easily disclose their emotional lives in order to keep their careers unaffected.

But Xu Xiaofeng was unexpected. In 1980, he publicly announced to the media that he would marry her boyfriend Liao Hui. This news made Xu Xiaofeng’s fans blow up the pot. Some people were lost and sad because of her love, and some people sent deep blessings to Xu Xiaofeng because their goddess had a home.

But what is surprising is that in the same year when Xu Xiaofeng sweetly disclosed that he was about to get married, this year of explosive news, the emotions of the two ended because of an uncompromising issue.

It is reported that after Liao Hui decided to marry Xu Xiaofeng, he asked Xu Xiaofeng to give up everything at the moment and settle in the United States. This means that Xu Xiaofeng not only has to give up his beloved singing career for Liao Hui, and give up the honor of the singing world he has worked hard all the way, but also means that Xu Xiaofeng needs to give up his nationality and change to American citizenship along with Liao Hui.

If all other matters can be compromised for the sake of love, then only the modification of nationality makes Xu Xiaofeng extremely difficult.

As a native Chinese, even Xu Xiaofeng knew that the living conditions in the United States at that time made countless people dream of. However, it would be a bit painful for Xu Xiaofeng if he pursued his love and superior life at the cost of giving up his motherland.

After countless sleepless nights, Xu Xiaofeng thought left and right that he was still unwilling to change his nationality easily. Such things were really unacceptable to the traditional thinking self. So after some lessons learned, Xu Xiaofeng chose to stay in her homeland and broke up with her lover Liao Hui at the same time.

Years to the ancient, one person can enjoy three meals in four seasons

Today, Xu Xiaofeng, who used to be on the stage with great beauty, has already added a few vicissitudes of life in the precipitation of the years. What is even more embarrassing is that such a perfect national queen, who is now in her seventies, is still alone.

People who were born in the same era as Xu Xiaofeng in the past have already completed the traditional life events of love, marriage, and childbirth step by step. Now most of them are Gaotang elderly people with children and grandchildren around their knees. But Xu Xiaofeng was cumin alone, neither married nor having children, and spent his entire life single.

In many people’s impressions, a woman who is as young as Xu Xiaofeng but still unmarried must be living a very bleak and lonely life, but Xu Xiaofeng has never been an ordinary woman. Years ago, she announced her marriage expectantly, but decisively broke up for various reasons.

Later, she was no longer full of expectations for love as she used to, but instead put all her energy on her own life. Marriage and childbirth are inherently a secular concept, not a mission that humans are born with. If you don’t meet someone you really fit, it’s better to be like Xu Xiaofeng, face reality calmly, live a good life, and at least let yourself live in peace and comfort.

Enjoying three meals for one person in four seasons, slowly getting old in time, smiling and watching the red world, is it not a happy life.


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