Gradually removing LG and Samsung, BOE began producing OLED screens for Apple

BOE will be the next manufacturer to be in charge of producing OLED screens for the iPhone 13.

In December 2020, BOE was approved by Apple as the next manufacturer of OLED screens for the iPhone 12. The report shared, BOE will be in charge of 10 ~ 20 million OLED panels this year.

However, there are also sources that BOE is currently only supplying OLED screens for refurbished iPhones.

Recently, BOE has also established a new production facility named Fab B11 exclusively for Apple. The company is producing prototype OLED screens for the next-generation iPhone.

There are three manufacturers that supply OLED screens for Apple. Including Samsung, LG and BOE. Samsung is currently the main OLED manufacturer for the iPhone 12. Meanwhile, LG is only responsible for supplying the screen for the iPhone 12 6.1, the rest are mainly handled by Samsung.

BOE’s participation in Apple’s display supply chain will help it reduce its dependence on two Korean companies. Especially Samsung, a mobile manufacturer that is currently a heavyweight rival of Apple.

Not only with the iPhone, BOE is expected to provide microOLED panels for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) devices.


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