GPU integrated in iPhone 11 processor chip at least 1 year ahead of Android World - Photo 1.

GPU integrated in iPhone 11 processor chip ahead of the Android World "at least 1 year"

Next fall, is also buying Apple will launch its next iPhone series. And according to the latest information, this iPhone generation (temporarily called iPhone 11) will be equipped with the A13 processor, which has the graphics processing power to outperform all Android markets "at least a year ". The multi-core computing capabilities of the CPU will also be significantly upgraded.

Transistors separated by only 7nm will be the secret to A13 achieving high processing performance

This is not too surprising, since for a long time, the iPhone has always been in the face of Android products for performance. The iPhone XS launched last year also has higher performance than all Android smartphones, only later usurped by the Samsung Galaxy S10.

GPU integrated in iPhone 11 processor chip at least 1 year ahead of the Android World - Photo 2.

According to Ice universe, the new SoC A13 will still be built on TSMC's 7nm process similar to the current A12, but will be an improved process to increase performance. The iPhone of 2020 will have a completely new 5nm processor, there will be even bigger upgrades.

Samsung is also using the 7nm process, and is currently working on the release of a 5nm processor by 2020. Later this year, the company will complete construction of the line to produce this new processor, estimated to have worth up to 4.6 billion USD.

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