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GPS wave breakers are rampant, car owners worry

When GPS devices are no longer "amulets"

On September 2, Phan Quang Hung, a self-driving car rental service in Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa), went online to ask for help from the community when the white Mitsubishi Xpander car BKS 79- 249.xx is missing with the tenant.

According to Mr. Hung, before, at 22h on 26.8, he let a person named Hung rent a car with a people's identity card and make an appointment 3 days after returning the car. However, at 10am the next morning (27.8), the car navigation system suddenly stopped working. The final location is determined in the territory of Binh Phuoc province. At this time, the new master size brought the identity papers of the tenant for screening, the dozen fire detected signs of being faked.

After the article for help was published, emerging among the shared feedback lines, many of the warnings about the status of the GPS transmitter are no longer "amulets" for vehicles anymore. . Therefore, vehicle owners (especially those working in the field of car rental) need to quickly take alternative measures. “In the past, GPS navigation devices were usually just as big as matches, hidden very carefully by car owners, reassuring that the crooks would be hard to find, but now they are different. An intruder only needs to turn on the breaking device and the navigation system will be paralyzed, ”shared Truong Hoai Nam account.

From the above information, according to the research of the PV group through the fact that the shops selling parts, auto parts and online trading channels, it is known that GPS breakers are real. However, because this is a product under the strict management of the state management agency, it is often sold through online channels, customers receive goods via courier services.

Increasingly sophisticated

Walking around the online device market, PV realized that GPS breakers were sold very cheaply, only from VND 300,000 to over VND 1 million, shaped like a portable radio, Small is only marginally better than thumb. The devices described are simple and easy to use; Signal jamming from these devices will prevent any GPS signal within 10-15m.

Some websites dealing in these devices are www.congnghe …; www.nhatnam …; www.thietbi … and even some e-commerce sites like, are no exception. These websites introduce dozens of models of GPS breakers with eye-catching designs, advertised as originating from China.

According to the research, the GPS navigation devices are mainly smuggled back to the country with some other sensitive electronic items such as hidden cameras, hidden cameras … The transactions are often stealthy. When using the device, the car owner only knows the location of the vehicle when the device is not activated. This causes the vehicle location tracking to be interrupted.

Contact a seller of breakers at the phone number on www.congnghe … the seller said that in Hanoi, these models are banned goods so they only accept delivery via courier. If you want to buy, the model must be purchased according to the information on the website, then transfer the purchase money to the bank account, there will be a delivery person, within 48 hours is available.

When PV expressed hesitation between the device models, the other end of the line asked directly: "Do you use for motorbikes or cars?" – Reporter did not understand the idea, the other party continued to advise: "The small sample is not. There is no battery. You have to power it. It is only suitable for cars because it needs to be plugged into a new charger to run. As for the other type of radio, the battery is already available, running continuously for 3-4 hours. Just turn it on and run. ” In addition, the seller also commits a 3-month warranty, one for one if the equipment fails.

Talking to PV, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lam – Director of Lam Digital Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (Hanoi) – said that the GPS breaker emits a signal with a greater capacity than the GPS transmitter. This results in small devices being pinched by larger devices, resulting in disabling of GPS devices. For people, should not rely too much on GPS devices, it is necessary to have more specific measures such as: Vehicle lock, someone to look after to protect their assets.

In order to deal with the tracing of suffering and police, many subjects have used breakers to steal cars and motorcycles with GPS devices. Therefore, mounting GPS devices does not mean absolute safety, finding stolen property is very difficult.

In addition, Mr. Lam also said that the phenomenon of fixed-line bus drivers using GPS breakers to affect the transmission line to the switchboard of the General Department of Roads in an attempt to run across.

“As a rule, every passenger car must have a navigation device and be regularly transmitted to the switchboard of the General Department of Roads to monitor and monitor the speed and journey. The use of GPS devices will make the monitoring is interrupted and can not give data on the speed of vehicles on the road to have a basis for sanctions, ”said Nguyen Ngoc Lam.

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