Goûchy Boy rape trial acquitted

Goûchy Boy rape trial acquitted

Quebec actor Goûchy Boy was acquitted on Wednesday of forcing a sexual relationship without consent to a former dating, the first of two cases of sexual assault he has faced since last fall.

“If the accused presents a plausible version, the remaining doubt must tilt in favor of the accused, even if the complainant’s version is also credible”, justified Judge Dannie Leblanc, before acquitting the 49-year-old actor , Wednesday morning, at the Longueuil courthouse.

Ugochukwu Chijoke Onyechekwa, nicknamed Goûchy Boy, rose to prominence in the TV series Unit 9 for his role as prison guard Koffi Yatabéré.

Since last September, the actor has been in legal trouble, because two women have filed a complaint against him for sexual assault.

In this case, the complainant, whose identity is protected by the court, alleged that Goûchy Boy forced her to have a full relationship on November 21, 2016 in a motel in Brossard where they often went, even though she had told him “no”. The “friends with benefits” dated from 2014 to 2018.

We recognize him in the TV series Unity 9.

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We recognize him in the TV series Unity 9.

Late alibis

During his trial last February, the accused swore under oath that he had not seen the complainant that day. He also provided two alibis to demonstrate that it would have been difficult for him to do so, a garage bill that he would have paid in the afternoon and a hearing in which he would have participated later in the day.

Rather, the artist said he spent time with her three days later, without having had sex. He said he remembered it because she was in a state of disarray due to a medical procedure.

The magistrate noted the late arrival of these alibis in the judicial process, and certain incongruities in the invoice.

“The accused had known the date of the trial for a long time, but did not provide an alibi until the day before. The reliability and the weight of this defense are therefore considerably undermined, ”she said.

Erroneous information

“The credit card used is not the same as on [sa] Visa statement. In addition, the list of jobs and the recorded mileage are clearly wrong. With this lack of rigor, how can the court be convinced that the invoice was issued at 2:25 pm? ” continued the judge.

The latter nonetheless described the complainant as “confident and in control”; its version being “structured, detailed, sincere, reliable and irrefutable”.

Still, the court determined that the 300-pound colossus’ testimony, which consisted of “general denial”, proved “plausible.” During the reading of the judgment, Mr.e Eric Pierre Fugère nodded in confidence as he looked at his client. The latter remained motionless in front of the room, empty of any audience.

“Thank you, your honor,” Onyechekwa said at the very end of the session.

“I have no comment, because we have not finished”, quickly drew his lawyer to the Newspaper, Before leaving.

The actor is due to appear in May on the sidelines of a second trial in a case of sexual assault, forcible confinement and harassment against another woman.


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