Gossip: Yuan Shanshan, Xiang Zuo, Guan Xiaotong, Ma Tianyu, Chen He, Li Wenhan, Shen Yue

Gossip: Yuan Shanshan, Xiang Zuo, Guan Xiaotong, Ma Tianyu, Chen He, Li Wenhan, Shen Yue

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Yuan Shan knows that her “apology” will arouse abuse from netizens, but she doesn’t care, because black and red are also red. Now, thanks to this wave of enthusiasm, she has also won a resource.

Domestic violence SM Xiaosheng has been very busy recently, busy “talking about the script” with a rich woman, even if his movie is ridiculed by the group, he is not particularly worried, because after taking the rich woman, he will not worry about not having a movie to play.

As long as Xiang Z is traveling with his wife, he will subconsciously take a few group photos with his wife, waiting to take the opportunity to market the image of the loving couple.

There are many suitors around Guan Xiaot. The key is that she never deliberately keeps a distance from those people, causing her boyfriend to often quarrel with her because of some ambiguous chat records.

Ma Tiany is still in contact with a certain surrogate actress, and the surrogate actress has borrowed a lot of money from him because of a good relationship with him.

The multiplayer sports star recently was taking Chinese medicine because one of his playmates disliked him for not being long enough. In order to wash away his shame, he was using Chinese medicine to regulate his body recently, trying to restore his youthful strength.

Chen H intends to use the bonus of a certain movie to market his acting skills, and also intends to take credit for the box office sales.

Li Wenh was spending the New Year with his girlfriend recently. In order to prevent being discovered by fans, he also told his girlfriend to stay away from home as much as possible to avoid being photographed by paparazzi.

Shen y has a lot of extras in a certain movie. She was very happy to act in the crew at the beginning. Originally thinking of box office sales, she took all the credit, but she didn’t want the movie. Now she is special Fearing that she would burn her body, she also posted a draft saying that she did not add drama, it was all editing…

Before a certain actress asked Zhang M to help promote the movie, she was unwilling. Now that the box office of the movie is soaring, she ran out to catch the heat. Such an approach made the actress despise.

Celebrity gossip

The old cadre Bai Tofu also pays attention to his wife playing outside. She arranges eyeliners in the woman’s team to supervise her every move. After the woman knows, she kicks the staff out.

The face of the split actress Crescent Moon is not purely natural, so it looks good, but the sequelae are serious. It needs to be repaired every time, and it does not recover well every time.

Really Xiao Gongju wanted to cooperate with Moto Fresh Meat, and also let his relatives participate in it. The investment drama let Moto Fresh Meat participate in the investment drama. Fresh Meat did not immediately agree and is still considering it.

In order to save the passers-by, the leader of the knife is going to have a wedding with his wife, so that he can sell the man’s personality. He also invited the victim of the knife to be his best man, but the other party has not yet agreed.

The cook’s father is patriarchal in his bones, but he loves his daughter very much. His wife hasn’t fully recovered after giving birth to his son.

Little Sheep is quite competent as the boss. He takes care of the trainees under his banner very well. He will take care of everyone in terms of expenses and will not blindly squeeze him.

The sexy cheongsam, Xiao Hua Tie Jie, now has a lot of restraint. The reason is that she has offended a lot of her resources. She is currently focusing on promoting new works.

Xiao Long Bao likes to take the high and the low. When recording the Lang Jie program, she will take the initiative to please those high-ranking actresses. She has nothing to say about the low-profile actresses. She and the vest line actresses are very uncomfortable.

The round-faced actress in the twins group was able to save herself for her position in her early years. She was not exposed because she had a good personality and the company executives liked her very much.

Xiaojizui Xiaohua used to be with the rich second generation for money when she was abroad. The two lived together for a period of time. When she met someone with more money, she kicked them.


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