Gossip: Ju Jingyi's whitewashing marketing, Wang Yuan's status quo, Xu Kaicheng Xiao, "Let's test the world", Zhou Zhennan's comeback

Gossip: Ju Jingyi’s whitewashing marketing, Wang Yuan’s status quo, Xu Kaicheng Xiao, “Let’s test the world”, Zhou Zhennan’s comeback

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Zhou Zhennan buys hot search to test the water?

Answer: Zhou Zhennan has been silent for a long time because of the Lao Lai’s son incident, but recently his limited group R1SE has been disbanded. The disbandment of the team is a hot topic for Zhou Zhennan. If the team operates properly, it is likely to help Zhou Zhennan retain a large number of fans and have a whitewashing effect. At the same time, Zhou Zhennan’s former teammates also bought hot search, and wanted to purify some fans for themselves while they were disbanded. Although Zhou Zhennan has negative news, he still has the capital behind him to support him, so he started to talk to his teammates. We battled, bought hot search terms related to birthday, and tested the comments and attitudes of netizens towards him.

Wang Yuannai’s second generation group?

Answer: It’s not too much milk, this is the sentiment card of the cultivation system played by Times Fengjun. The three generations now have their own developments, and the second generation group is slowly getting out of the circle. The company chooses the first and second generation joint marketing at the node where Wang Yuan releases new songs. Both sides can get high popularity, which can be regarded as a win-win situation. It’s just that the generation of fans who have become more and more detached from the company are used to being accustomed to the show operation of Times Fengjun. They don’t want to be involved with the junior group anymore, so they will question whether Times Fengjun deliberately let Wang Yuannai. Second regiment. But in fact, the three generations already have mature and complete personal studios. This joint marketing is determined by the team and the company through consultation.

Xu Kai’s team gave up Zhou Dongyu to choose Cheng Xiao?

Answer: In the beginning, Xu Kai and Zhou Dongyu had little hope of hype. After all, Dongyu Zhou focuses on the film industry and holds three golds. Whether a costume drama is good or bad has little effect on her, and there is no need to go wild with the man to hype cp. Xu Kai’s team played two dramas at the same time. One period drama was not well-received, and the other modern drama was suspected of plagiarism, but it was topical. The team’s propaganda department repeatedly measured it. Still choose to focus on the latter modern drama. As for the female formula Xiao team, she values ​​this little sweet drama very much. The ratings after the show has been broadcast greatly affect her ability to obtain good resources in the future, so the team is also very cooperative with Xu Kai’s hype, hoping to rely on the work Get out of the circle.

Ju Jingyi’s whitewashing has achieved initial results?

Answer: Originally, Ju Jingyi had always followed the black-red route, but a while ago, the national husband licked the dog incident, and the old story of Ju Jingyi being hacked by the national husband was re-discovered by netizens. Ju Jingyi’s team sent out a lot of miserable bulletins on time. With the help of the “Youtian” man, Ju Jingyi, who had a bad reputation before, began to get better. During this period of time, Ju Jingyi’s team will also start to buy some topical topics. The joint marketing account slowly washes out Ju Jingyi’s “face-changing history” and gradually builds her into an inspirational personality that relies on her own efforts to become beautiful.

“Let’s Try the World” was called out in advance?

Answer: After all, it is the key drama of Goose Factory S Plus. Naturally, there are not a few people who pay attention to it and don’t expect its good counterparts. Previously, the drama “Let’s Try the World” was bought because of the actress Zhao Lusi’s theater Reuters, and a large number of drafts said that the crew’s clothes were not caring. Recently, “Qian Gu Yue Chen” was not well received, and “Let’s Test the World” by the same group of creators as Qian Gu was once again called out in advance. There are many cuties who are curious about whether someone deliberately suppressed Yang Yang to turn red. emm, it’s not easy to say what happened in the past, but recently, some capital wanted to get Yang Yang and the motorcycle star to play a dual male lead TV series. Yang Yang’s team rejected the proposal and offended the capital and the motorcycle star team. During this period of time, the black bulletin about Yang Yang was more or less related to this matter.


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