GoShare service territory expands again!Shared tram stationed in Hong Kong

Under the active promotion of Gogoro’s creative ideas, shared vehicles have been accepted and widely adopted by the public. Since the establishment of the brand, five counties and cities including Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Yunlin and Tainan have joined the ranks of shared services. In order to expand the service landscape, GoShare officially launched in Kaohsiung today, and the coverage of shared vehicles is more complete.

First of all, Jiang Jiawei, GoShare’s new business director, detailed GoShare’s amazing achievements in 2020. GoShare has more than 1 million users in 2020, and its growth rate is as high as 150% compared to 2019. It also means that GoShare’s sharing concept is gradually being recognized by the Chinese. Seeing the amazing potential of Kaohsiung City with a population of 2.77 million, GoShare will continue to cultivate Kaohsiung and continue to promote the smart power industry.

GoShare’s first wave is expected to launch 700 units, models from Gogoro3, Gogoro2 and Viva, allowing users to choose by themselves. In addition, the vehicle placement locations are also set along two MRT routes to achieve the effect of complementing public transportation.

Kaohsiung City, a symbol of freedom and innovation, coincides with Gogoro’s philosophy. To this end, GoShare has prepared a variety of celebration activities specifically designed for Kaohsiung GoShare users, so that Kaohsiung citizens and tourists who come to visit can enjoy the Hong Kong capital.

The first wave of the celebration:Starting from 15:00 when the Kaohsiung service is opened, all GoShares in Taiwan will enjoy an unlimited number of discounts with a starting price of 0 yuan. Commuters have benefited a lot!

The second part of the celebration:Kaohsiung limited reward gift, from now until 2/20, as long as you use the GoShare service in Kaohsiung and pay with a VISA credit card/debit card, you will receive a 20 yuan ride fee for each trip, and there is no limit to the number of times.

From 1/21 to 2/9, if you use the GoShare sharing service in Kaohsiung, you only need to use any new bank credit card to pay, plus an extra 50% credit card reward.

Wellcome is not only that, as long as you participate in the GoShare “Free Trial” series of knight challenges within the service area of ​​Kaohsiung, you will get 4 times the blockbuster reward, and you can earn up to 3,200 yuan riding gold. For details, please see GoShare instructions.

The third part of the celebration:From now on, pay close attention to the official GoShare fan page and leave a message to share the most worthwhile places in Kaohsiung, and you will have the opportunity to get high-speed rail tickets and 24-hour GoShare free ride coupons from GoShare.

The fourth bullet of the celebration:From now on, go to the official GoShare fan page and leave a message to make a wish, and you have the opportunity to let GoShare help you realize your wish. (Is it useful to make a wish and leave the order?

With so many discounts, the Demon King couldn’t help but ran to find one to try it out. Don’t Kaohsiung people still ride?

In order to promote a shared culture with GoShare, the city government invited the mayor of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai as a mysterious guest to build a smart city with a new generation of mobile concepts with GoShare.

And GoShare’s series of active construction and operation have allowed the sharing culture to be quickly accepted by the public. As more and more cities join the ranks of GoShare partners, people will no longer need to worry about connection issues in the city when traveling in the future! Of course, the first wave of services in Kaohsiung is far from that of Kaohsiung, but with the investment of more and more vehicles, it is believed that other regions will be opened in the near future. Let us fully implement the concept of wisdom sharing. Look forward to it together!

Source of the original text: GoShare expands its service landscape and expands shared trams to Hong Kong

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