Gorgeous bento of flower season ♪ "Omekashi chirashi sushi"

Gorgeous bento of flower season ♪ “Omekashi chirashi sushi”

Gorgeous bento of flower season ♪ “Omekashi chirashi sushi”

macaroni’s official community “Macaroni Mate” delivers daily articles introducing original recipes and lifestyles. Today, the chef Gouki-san and lifestyle designer Momoko-san’s couple unit “Tetototo” introduces how to make “Omekashi chirashi sushi” that is spring and gorgeous!

Updated March 31, 2020


“Teto Teto” is a hospitality couple unit that creates a place through cooking.
A 40-year-old vintage condominium located in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, fully renovated and used as a home and dining room.

Packed heavily and gorgeously. Arrangeable chirashi sushi

Hello. It’s Teto Teto.
We introduce simple dishes that you can easily cook using seasonal ingredients.

This time, we would like to introduce “Omekashi chirashi sushi,” which is spring and gorgeous.

If you made a New Year’s Festival or bought a special weight, let’s play an active part in it.

It’s often thought that making vinegared rice with chirashi sushi is a hassle, but this recipe is very easy if you mix vinegared soup with white rice to make vinegared rice.

The point of deliciousness is to make clam simmered in Tsukudani, but other ingredients can be arranged for each family and enjoy the arrangement freely.

Material (amount that is easy to make)

Ingredients for chirashi sushi


Clams: about 12
Liquor: 50cc
B Mirin: 1 tbsp
B soy sauce: 1/2 tbsp
B sugar: 1/2 teaspoon

Peeled shrimp: 6
Silk sheath: 8
Cucumber: 1/2
Lotus root: 8 slices
Egg: 1
How much: proper amount (25g)
Shibazuke: Appropriate amount (25g)
Gari: 1 bag (30g after draining water)
Red radish: 5 slices
* Please arrange the toppings freely.

Rice: 2 go
Water: 400ml
A: Sweet ginger vinegar: 40cc
A: Rice vinegar: 40cc

* If gari sweet vinegar is not used
A: Sugar: 3 tablespoons
A: Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
A: Rice vinegar: 60m

How to make

1. Make vinegared rice

Mixing seasoning liquid with cooked rice


Cook rice with 2 ml of rice and 400 ml of water. Combine A with 2 pieces of freshly cooked rice and mix to cut into vinegared rice.

2. Prepare ingredients to serve

Frying pan clams making steamed sake


Place the clams in a frying pan with sake, cover with a lid and steam over medium heat. When the mouth of the clams opens, remove from the shell, add B (mirin, soy sauce, sugar) and boil down.

Peel the shrimp in boiling water and drain well.

[Silk sheath]

Where we are taking the peas of peas


Boiled pea pea


Cutting the boiled grass and peas


Remove the silk pods, boil them in boiling water for 30 seconds, expose them to cold water to remove water well, and cut into diagonal cuts.


A thin slice of cucumber


Cucumber is sliced ​​into thin slices and salted, and when softened, squeeze well to drain the water.

[Lotus root]

Where the lotus root is cut into thin half moons


Cut the lotus root into thin slices, cut it in half, and boil it in hot water with a little vinegar (outside the amount), and expose it to water to remove any water.

[Kinshi egg]

Making a Kinshi egg


Make a thin fried egg on a frying pan, and when it cools, cut it into shredded eggs.

[Red radish]
Slice the red radish and cut it into a fan shape.

Cut the gully roughly.

3. Arrange

The weight of the pottery used this time


Add vinegared rice to a height of about half the weight, and place the topping ingredients on it.

Finished product with heaped ingredients


You may scatter various ingredients, but it is also recommended to arrange them in order. Please try to arrange it so that the colors of adjacent foods are not covered.

one point

Where can I get rare vegetables such as the “red radish Koshindaikon” I used this time?

If you have any questions, check out the shops and farmers that sell “European vegetables”. For example, you can order mail from a store called “Mercato” in Jiyugaoka or from Usagi Farm.

It’s exciting to meet new ingredients.

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