Gordon Ramsay recruits people to "eat the world" in the latest TV series!
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Gordon Ramsay recruits people to “eat the world” in the latest TV series!

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Gordon Ramsay is on the hunt for food lovers to go to enjoy dishes from all over the world in a new program.

Kitchen Nightmares legend, Gordon Ramsay, always travels the world to discover all kinds of different cuisines. This time, however, he is looking for people with “a desire to explore the world combined with a passion for adventure and cuisine”.

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Master Chef’s new program is not known yet, but we do know it comes from Studio Ramsay. This is the production company of the famous chef himself. The company is responsible for such movies The F Word, 24 Hours to Hell & Back and the very famous adventures of Gordon Ramsay with Gino and Fred.

Gordon Ramsay recruits people to “eat the world”!

We are delighted to announce an amazing opportunity for 16-21 year olds who are ready to go on an international adventure. A passion for world exploration combined with adventure and food is a must to join!

The official recruitment page for this new series also features:

You want to explore the world? Are you passionate about food, culture and adventure? If you have a curiosity to experience and explore these things, sign up today for your best adventure! ”.

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After filling out the long form, you can step into part 2 of the series starring Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Road Trip on ITV Hub.

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