Gordon Chang: China 'does not respect' Mr. Biden

Gordon Chang: China ‘does not respect’ Mr. Biden

According to China expert Gordon Chang, Joe Biden will find it difficult to hold China accountable for its human rights violations, especially given his son Hunter Biden has a lot of love. the deal involved China, as well as the fact that the country did not “respect” him.

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“They don’t respect him,” Mr. Chang told the program “The Cats RoundtableOn WABC 770 AM-NY on Sunday (February 21). “We know this from voices we have heard from Beijing – most famously, Professor Dich Dong Thang of People’s University. He made his remarks on November 28, being very clear about what Chinese officials and others think of Mr. Biden. “

“Basically, he said Beijing’s view they can get Mr. Biden to spin. We felt it on January 23 when Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone. ”

Chang also noted to host John Catsimatidis that the Trump administration’s trade war with some unpredictable levels has led to the possibility of Chinese invasions against the United States and world at low level.

“China left America alone during the years under Mr. Trump”, Mr. Chang added and at the same time commented that “surname [Trung Quốc] very concerned about what Mr. Trump will do. “

“Mr. Trump is unpredictable [sẽ làm gì]. China may deal with hostile leaders, but they have particular problems dealing with uncertainty. And for them, Mr. Trump [luôn] uncertain – that’s why there has been a relative stability throughout Mr Trump’s four-year presidency. I think we’ll see Beijing chasing Mr. Biden in ways that will truly terrify the world as well as the Biden administration. ”

Mr. Chang also pointed out the allegation “shameful“Of Mr. Biden at session Townhall’s CNN this week, when he attributed the treatment to Uighur Muslims “Cultural standards” different. This is proof that Beijing believes it can “Makes Mr. Biden turn around”.

“Not sure what Biden would do,” Mr. Chang said. “During the campaign, he said that he would become president of human rights when he comes to China. But so far we have not seen any evidence of that. ”

Additionally, according to Chang, the 10% return Hunter Biden receives from Bohai Harvest RST, a private equity firm based in Shanghai, will remain a “big problem”.

“It was a very deliberate deal [từ phía Trung Quốc], ” he added. “It looks like it was arranged by the Communist Party [Trung Quốc]. “

“This is going to be a story that goes on, because money has to do with it,” he continued. “There will be a lot going on in the next few months.”

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