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Google's cloud platform crashed, causing YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat and many internet services to crash on a large scale

YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail, Nest, Discord and some other internet services have collapsed in the US and many other countries around the world this morning. The main reason is that Google Cloud cloud support platform for these internet services has encountered problems. Google has quickly overcome it, but it takes more than 4 hours to bring its cloud platform back to normal operation.

The incident seriously affects most users in the United States. There are also a number of reports that YouTube and Gmail cannot be accessed in Europe. Users of Discord, Snapchat and Vimeo are also affected, as they all use the Google Cloud cloud platform.

Google representative answered The Verge: “We sincerely apologize to users who have been affected by this incident. We are investigating and implementing system upgrades to avoid similar situations. ”

In January of this year, YouTube also had trouble making this online video platform unreachable for over an hour and a half. Last October, Google also had trouble with its cloud platform.

These incidents can cause Internet services to turn away from the Google Cloud platform and switch to select other services from Amazon or Microsoft. Currently, this is still the 3 giants that dominate cloud computing globally.

Reference: theverge

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