Google Stadia: The future for gaming without a terrible configuration has come very close

Google Stadia: The future for gaming without a terrible configuration has come very close

In March 2019, Google revealed the arrival of Stadia, the cloud gaming platform that lets you stream games anywhere and with any device. However, the official information about Google Stadia, the program dubbed "Netflix gaming", is only available for public release until June 6.

Release date and cost Google Stadia

Google Stadia is expected to be officially launched in November 2019 this year first in 14 countries: USA, UK, Canada, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

In the plan to implement this project, Stadia Pro will be the first subscription to be put into operation. With the subscription level $ 9.99 / monthUsers will have access to a free game catalog included (starting with Destiny 2), 4K HDR gaming quality, 60fps and 5.1 Surround Sound surround sound. However, the speed of Internet connection is minimal 35Mbps.

In 2020, Google will put into operation Stadia Base, free to everyone. However, you will have to buy the game independently, just like buying a Steam game. Streaming will also be limited to 1080p, meaning network connectivity will no longer be as high as the Pro version, but only 10Mbps will be available.

Hardware for Google Stadia and games

It is expected that at the time of first deployment, users can use Google Stadia through Chromecast Ultra, Chrome web browser or Pixel smartphone. Other devices will be added later. Stadia Controllers will be sold for $ 69 but you can still use the PS4 handle or Xbox One.

In the first few games, users registered for Stadia Pro will have access to Destiny 2 completely free of charge. Goole revealed that 31 titles from 21 publishers will be ready to buy. Some of the best names are: DOOM Eternal, GRID, Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Although until the end of the year, Stadia was put into operation, but now, you can pre-order Stadia Founder’s Edition from Google Play Store. This package includes Chromecast Ultra, Stadia Controller, 3 months of Stadia Pro usage, 3 months of using Buddy Pass and making sure that your character's name will be first and unique. All for $ 129.99

Google Stadia will succeed or fail?

It is not difficult to say that this announcement divided the gaming community into two different streams. The game catalog is relatively narrow and the supported device is similar, while users will have to buy the game next to the monthly registration fee.

However, it is difficult to deny that not only Google Stadia but also the form of playing games via the stream system will flourish and be extremely competitive in the future in collaboration with Sony and Microsoft in the future.


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