Google Stadia – The free version for everyone has arrived

Stadia arrives with a small gift!

If Google’s promise to play everyone, all games, anywhere, anytime, is still far from being fulfilled, this week, however, we take an important step in the deployment of Stadia, the Google’s streaming games service. Finally, free access to the platform is open to everyone. You can now download the Stadia application to try your hand at it, and finally make your own opinion on the service, it must be said, much criticized since its opening.

And as good news never arrives alone, Google offers 2 months of access to Stadia Pro, normally charged € 9.99 per month. This Pro access will allow you to taste the joys of a few free games, including the‘Excluded Gylt – which is probably the best (maybe the only?) Reason to open an account right now. Among the other benefits of the Stadia Pro account, it will have to be done without 4K. Google has indeed limited this functionality to preserve its network and keep it in optimal working condition during the confinement period when it is particularly stressed.

It will not be the only limitation you will face if you decide to take the plunge. If you want to play on mobile, although the application is compatible with a large number of Android devices for all that is account management, purchase of titles, …, only a few of them will be able to run the games. Thus, you can enjoy Stadia on mobile only if you have one of the following devices: Pixel, Samsung S8 and later, ROG Phone I and II, Razer Phone I and II. If you want to enjoy the big screen of your TV, here too, if it is technically possible via the Chromecast Ultra key, only the Stadia controller is supported. And it’s a safe bet that you don’t have one. Rest for the common man the possibility of playing on his PC, via a wired USB controller – for once, almost all the models supported by your PC will be compatible.

Remember that to play on Stadia, in addition to the titles “offered” with Stadia Pro and during the time of the subscription’s validity (a bit like for PS Plus games), you will have to buy your games on Stadia, and that these are only playable on the streaming service. However, if you only have an old machine that you use mainly for typing internship reports, Stadia offers you the possibility of running DOOM Eternal there!

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