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Google spent tens of millions of dollars researching cold fusion, creating clean energy for people

Fusion is a common phenomenon in the center of stars. Two hydrogen atoms under extreme temperatures and pressures combine and create a helium atom, and release enormous energy in the fusion process. That is the process of creating huge amounts of energy on the sun. For the past four years, scientists have been involved in many projects, such as at the French ITER research institute that have been trying to find ways to make fusion happen at normal temperatures on earth. If you can do this, create a large-scale cold fusion technology, then with huge oceans on the surface of the earth, people will no longer have to worry about energy shortages.

And in the past four years, Google has poured $ 10 million into a cold fusion research project. Unfortunately, until the current time, Google scientists have not found success.

The problem of fusion is that, in order for this process to occur, there is a need for high heat and pressure. Scientists at ITER France have succeeded in implementing fusion reactions, but must use an extremely complex system to push the hydrogen vapor cloud to 150,000 degrees Celsius, 10 times the solar center temperature and use giant magnets to make hydrogen atoms fuse into helium and release energy.

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The idea of ​​cold fusion was formed 30 years ago. In March 1989, two chemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann tested electrical current through two plates of palladium soaked in heavy water. They discovered that this experiment produced very large thermal energy and had fusion products. But since then, two US Department of Energy studies have shown that it is impossible to produce fusion reactions at normal temperatures. But since then, the "fusion" of cold fusion has become what haunts scientists with the goal of creating clean, almost endless energy thanks to seawater on the oceans.

The fusion reaction, also known as the low-energy nuclear reaction, has become the way many scientists try to pursue life because it does not produce dangerous radioactive waste for humans as in nuclear power plants. The core uses uranium cores to generate heat in the reactors. Therefore, the dream of clean, safe and endless energy is promises when scientists study cold fusion reactions.

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