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Google silently launches new social network

While expanding in every field, but Google has never owned a true social network can interest users (except YouTube is developed into a social network). Not every tech company has created a social network that has persisted over the years, but Google is definitely the type of company that will greatly benefit from such social networks. It all revolves around how Google is profitable. Its advertising segment contributes most of its revenue every quarter, and the more Google shows ads that are more relevant to viewers, the higher the profit. That’s why Google continually collects all sorts of data about you through its free apps – many of which fall into the category of must-have apps on mobile and desktop.

Every Google user must know they have to trade their privacy: you can use a bunch of great apps for free, as long as you accept Google’s collecting data about your interests. from which to show you ads that are more relevant. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this way of doing business, and many people don’t complain – not to mention Google has continuously improved its privacy policies over the last few years. But a successful social network can help Google collect more data related to your interests and habits, and turn them into relevant advertisements. And that’s exactly what Google expects Keen to be able to do, provided that this Pinterest-like social network really attracts users.

If you use Pinterest regularly, you’ll quickly realize Keen’s goals. This is a place to collect ideas on any topic you are interested in, and attach them to boards so you can quickly access everything you’ve gathered, like idea boards. (pinboard) by other users. Even Keen’s design reminds Pinterest. If you’re not excited about pinboard, then you probably don’t need to care about Google’s new social network!

Keen is a product of a testing product group called “Area 120” by Google, and is available for Android as well as the web. This app possesses an important advantage over Pinterest: advanced artificial intelligence tools developed by Google itself. A team of Google experts from human and AI research (PAIR) joined the Keen project. And if you’re wondering what PAIR does, Google explains that this is a “specializes in human-focused machine learning systems“.

According to Keen’s co-founder, CJ Adams, this is how Keen works:

You can choose (content) for yourself or for others. Just as my wife found resources that could help me learn how to raise birds, you can use Keen to create a collection of resources that best suits you related to a topic you understand and Share it with people who like the content you choose. The ‘keen’ (similar to the ‘pin’ of Pinterest) can be private or public, you control what you want to share and who can join.“.

In other words, Keen is a social network that Google can use to gather more data about yourself. Google does not specify how the data on Keen will be added to your profile, but it is clear that Google will collect data to help make your “keen” things more relevant.

For every ‘keen’ you create, we use Google Search and the latest technology in machine learning to constantly suggest useful content related to your interests. The more things you save in ‘keen’ and organize it, the better it gets. Even if you are not a connoisseur of a topic, you can still pick out a ‘keen’ and save some interesting content or links that you find useful. Those pieces of content are like seeds and help Keen discover more relevant content to you over time. You can also follow the ‘keen’ that others have created, discover thousands of select lists from communities, and receive notifications when new content is added.“.

Also, it’s unclear whether this Pinterest version of Google has been inserted ads to help the company profit. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like Google needs it. But if Keen is as popular as Pinterets, then perhaps users will not escape the occasional sight of ads appearing!

Reference: BGR

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