Google Search failed to index new content
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Google Search failed to index new content

Google Search is having a problem in that new content is not automatically indexed in their search results. The reason for saying this is a problem because most users will not be able to recognize the error until it is actually successfully fixed.

This Google Search error was only discovered by accident. Not long ago, experts from technology news site BleepingComputer suddenly found that some of their newly published articles were completely not visible on the Google search results page. When I looked at other sites, BleepingComputer noticed a similar situation, and some of the new content of these sites didn’t appear in Google’s search results either.

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However, this error seems to only appear for new content. On the other hand, existing and old content is displayed as usual.

According to a post on the Google Webmaster team’s Twitter account, this is a recognized issue in the Google index, and the team is exploring the cause and looking at how to fix it as soon as possible. .

Google Webmaster confirmed the error

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In addition, BleepingComputer experts also found that this error tends to appear only after 6:36 am since it is time to publish for their last post, which is already indexed.

This error tends to show up only after 6:36 am

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At this point, the only possible solution is to wait for Google to fix the problem and re-index the failed content.

This is a small but particularly annoying problem, so Google certainly won’t be able to hesitate to fix it.


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