Google replaced the homepage with Doogle to celebrate 'International Labor Day'

Google replaced the homepage with Doogle to celebrate ‘International Labor Day’

( From 0am this morning, Google has changed its traditional logo to a specially designed Doogle to congratulate the International Labor Day on May 1.

International Labor Day 1/5 is considered an important holiday in many countries. Therefore, Google has also prepared a separate Doogle to celebrate this important holiday.

History of International Labor Day

In 1886, in the city of Chicago, the US Confederation of Labor passed a resolution stating that the working day of the worker would be 8 o’clock. Before that, factory workers in America had to work 15 hours a day.

The reason May 1 is chosen because this is the starting date of a new fiscal year – accounting at most factories and factories in the US. On this date, a new contract between the mechanic and the owner will be signed. Despite being persecuted, the workers forced employers to accept their claims.

Three years later, on June 20, 1889, the Second International was convened in Paris (France). Under the leadership of Friedrich Engels, the First Congress of the Second Communist International decided to take May 1 every year as a day to show the common forces and struggles of the proletariat of countries. (Follow wikipedia).

Doogle celebrates Google’s International Labor Day May 1.

Google International Labor theme

This year’s Doogle International is a painting with 6 pictures of workers such as construction workers, firefighters, supermarket staff and health workers. Each picture represents a letter in the “Google” logo.

Notably, the masked message was also incorporated inside the Doogle to increase awareness about Covid-19 epidemic prevention.


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