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Google Pixel 4 will have dual cameras with 16MP telephoto lens

In an unprecedented step forward, the upcoming Google smartphone stands in front of a series of new designs. The highlight is on the back with a dual camera set in a convex square cluster. This is the type of design that many people say is rough, not beautiful.

During this time, many people will wonder in addition to the main camera, the secondary camera will be wide-angle or telephoto? There are only 2 lenses, so Google has only 2 options, either wide-angle lens, or telephoto lens.

The answer seems to be a telephoto lens, which is not good news for people who like wide-angle photography. The presence of a 16MP telephoto lens has been revealed via the Google Camera application source code.

Google Camera application developers have begun working to support Pixel 4, many of the references found inside the source code set have proved it.

In addition, there will be an infrared sensor integrated into the front of the next-generation Pixel. New face authentication has also been found to be available on the latest Android Q Beta version.

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