Google Pay users previously had to enter a PIN to ensure transaction security

The biometric security introduced by Google with Android 10 has now entered Google’s widely used digital wallet platform and online payment system Google Pay. This feature can be seen in the latest 2.100 version of the app and allows users to use fingerprint and facial recognition to protect their online transactions.

Google Pay users previously had to enter a PIN to ensure transaction security. Now, the latest update has changed this. Google has now added support for the biometric API so that you can use your fingerprint or face to verify your remittance. The new function completes the work faster than traditional PIN security.

Please note that this feature is not available in India. Google Pay India still requires UPI PIN authentication for all transactions on UPI, and biometric technology will not replace UPI. The biometric code can be used to lock the device, and the biometric code can be used to unlock the Google Pay app.

This feature is currently only available for Android 10 devices, but according to an Android Police report, this feature may also be used on Android 9 phones soon. Users can find this option under the “Remittance” section of the app. Users can switch from PIN to biometric security, or keep these two options to protect transfers made through the app. However, it is important to know that the biometric security feature only applies to remittances, not to NFC payments in stores. For this, you still have to unlock the phone.

Biometric security is better than PIN-based security. Remembering the PIN can sometimes be annoying. Steven Soneff, Google Certified Product Manager, said: “From a user’s point of view, you may be hearing advice about ensuring complexity or requiring certain characters to be annoying.”

Google Pay is a renamed version of UPI-based Tez app, which was launched in 2017. The company changed its name to Google Pay in 2018. The app today has 67 million active users in India. Google Pay also recently started sending application notifications and text messages to users to inform them of their transactions.

“…In order to help our users fully understand every step of the application, we have now activated notifications and SMS reminders to clarify the flow of funds: Google Pay will now send application notifications as well as SMS to the user every time they use it Notify the user of receipt of the payment request to highlight that approval of the request will deduct money from the user’s bank account,” Google Pay product management director Ambarish Kenghe said in his blog.

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