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Google may rename smart speakers into Nest Home

Google recently made a suggestion that it might use the name 'Nest' for its smart home appliances, so how does the company name it for older models? At the present time, on the Special Offers page of Google Store, the Google Home speaker has been renamed to the new Nest Home Base, but when clicked on this link, it is still directed to the product purchase page with the old name. If you read the terms of use, you see the product name has been changed to a new name.

Google has not made any official assertions. Of course changing the name of a product that is familiar to the user is not a one-way, one-way job, and Home Mini or Home Max does not yet have their "new name". However, it can be seen that Google is slowly applying changes to its existing product lines to create a "synchronization" with products that will be developed in the future.

In addition, the move also shows that Google does not wait to integrate new technology into its products and then rename them, which most other brands often do. In the future we may see the name 'Nest' everywhere, even if the device has nothing to change (except for the name, of course).


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