Google Maps is experimenting with local suggestions for your labels Added 3D layer controls

Restaurant and place discovery has become an increasingly important part of Google Maps. The service plan now incorporates crowdsourced Local Guide suggestions into the “For You” tab. At the same time, in terms of navigation, Google Maps for Android has a new 3D layer control.

Google Local Guides refers to users who provide reviews, photos, and other knowledge (such as business hours and closing hours) for maps. With a well-designed points and level measurement system that accumulates various allowances, Google has now attracted 120 million active members.

Maps for Android and iOS have taken full advantage of the combination of editing and algorithms in the “For You” tab. The feed will soon include recommendations from popular local guides. Google promotes this new integration to “discover places from locals.”

People in Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo will soon see popular local guides in the “For You” tab of the Google Maps app.

In these 9 cities, you can follow the local guides and see their suggestions side by side in “for you”. The company does not specify the level that crowdsourcing users need to reach in order to appear in the feed.

Although Google Maps native suggestions are still being tried, today ā€™s Android app introduces a way to control the effects of ā€œ3Dā€ buildings. Below this layer the FAB search bar has the next new 3D icon “Details of the map.”

3D views can provide a sense of depth and shadow even when glancing at flat surfaces. That is, it’s more visible when viewing the map at an angle. The feature of disabling effects is particularly useful in crowded cities and helps to make the screens of tall skyscrapers neat. The new Google Maps 3D control is widely available on Android, but not yet available on iOS.

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