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Google made significant changes to the Search application

Looking at the updated version of the Google Search app, it reveals the search giant is removing its voice search feature to support Google Assistant.

According to PhoneArena, the voice search function can be found in the Google Search app and on the app's widget. The microphone icon will allow users to request a voice search. But now, Google wants its virtual assistant to take over all voice search operations.

Google made significant changes to the Search application - image 1

Google wants Assistant to replace previous voice searches

This was first discovered by 9to5Google, a subtle change that can be found in the Google Search app (also known as the Google app) through either 10.24 or 10.28 beta. The microphone icon that appears on the right side of the search bar has been replaced by the Google Assistant icon. In addition, the old search bar including the words "Say Hey Google" was changed to "Ask any question" in the update.

Google Assistant is at the heart of the Google ecosystem. It is considered the best virtual assistant of the top 4 virtual assistants today (including Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana).

According to Google, its virtual assistant currently has more than 1 million actions that can be handled. It is currently available on all Google Home smart speakers and Nest Hub smart displays. So replacing voice search with Google Assistant is a way for the company to bring all its apps and devices in sync.

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