Google is testing a music / video dashboard on Chrome

Google is testing a music / video dashboard on Chrome

Google is testing a new feature that helps you Play / Pause or skip videos and songs that are playing on the Chrome browser through a tool built into the Toolbar. This feature is only available on Chrome Canary, the developer version is updated every day, many errors but if you like the experience you can Download here.


To enable Global Media Control, on Chrome Canary, you open chrome: // flags> find Global Media Control> Enable and restart Chrome Canary.

This feature will allow you to control the music or video you are playing in all tabs, via a Play button. When you click this button, a small panel will appear with information about what is being played with the Play / Pause, Next and Back buttons. The convenience is that you do not need to return to the browser card that is opening the video or music to control, and can know which page automatically plays videos or music.

According to my experience, this feature still doesn't work well, I tried YouTube and Spotify, but the control panel appeared but Chrome Canary immediately hung up. Of course this is an experimental feature on Chrome Canary so it is normal for it to cause errors. It is unclear when or whether Google will bring this feature to Chrome Stable. Previously Google has integrated a speaker button on the browse card so users can mute when a certain video plays automatically but now it's gone. Therefore this possibility is an alternative to this mute button.


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