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Google is sued collectively for misuse of patients' medical data

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs claim that Google has used medical data in conjunction with location data collected on the Android operating system to identify each patient's identity.

According to the word report The Verge, Google is entangled in a class action lawsuit that accuses Mountain View Company of misusing data from thousands of patients' medical records, seriously affecting user privacy.

The lawsuit filed last Wednesday (June 26), reflecting growing concern about privacy, especially in the health sector where the emergence of public giants technologies like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

In recent years, these companies have provided their services to medical organizations, promising to help manage medical data and use this information to develop AI diagnostic tools. However, such plans often encounter objections from users who respect privacy, saying that medical data will affect the daily life of patients.

The lawsuit against Google involves a signed agreement in 2017 between Google and the University of Chicago Medical Center (also a defendant). From 2009 to 2016, Google was granted access to patients' medical records, with the aim of developing new management tools based on AI artificial intelligence.

In a blog post, Google announced that they would soon be able to accurately predict medical events, such as patients who would be hospitalized, how long they would stay and how they would improve their health. .

Sforum - Screen_Shot_2017_03_16_at_8.51.0 latest technology information page Google is sued collectively for misuse of patient medical data

Google claims that the medical records used will not come with any personal identification numbers, but according to the lawsuit, this information may be combined with collected location data. on Android operating system to identify each patient's identity.

Currently, Google is faced with a number of privacy issues in many different areas. Recently, the company has faced a new complaint from the Antitrust Authority of some European countries for privacy violations, regarding the use of user data to advertise.

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