Google is patented with folding screen Smartphone like a book

A smartphone has multiple screens and can fold back and forth like a book? It sounds "weird", but dIt seems to be Google's vision for its devices when the patent of their folding screen smartphone has just been announced by the World Intellectual Property Organization on June 27. The opening and closing mechanism of this model is similar to Samsung's Galaxy Fold but there will be additional screens, which look like a book when opened.

Based on patent drawings, Google's smartphone will pair the main and secondary screens together, each of which acts as a two-page book (left and right).

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The present invention shows that this device from Google will incorporate the use of multiple flexible OLED screen panels through a hinge that looks like a "scruff", the back of which will include other components such as batteries, microprocessor, camera, … The screen background of the Google Foldable Phone will be placed inside the device and it can display content on both front and back. The screen of the device can be "flipped" like a sheet of paper.

The patent also describes the ability to display content in a sequential way on sub-screens, in other words, instead of having to scroll down to read more content on a web page, you'll flip the "page" to Next screen.

However, it is unclear whether Google actually has any plans to create such a device or whether it is convenient to use. A device with multiple foldable screens will be extremely thick and will almost certainly not bring any convenience to consumers, as the current trend of users for a smartphone is "As thin as possible".

google-duoc-cap-bang-sang-che-smartphone-man-hinh-gap-needs-cuon-sach-2 "srcset =" -content / uploads / 2019/07 / Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png? w = 1280 & ssl = 1 1280w, uploads / 2019/07 / Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png? resize = 300% 2C212 & ssl = 1 300w, /2019/07/Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png?resize=768%2C542&ssl=1 768w, 2019/07 / Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png? Resize = 1024% 2C723 & ssl = 1 1024w, /07/Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png?resize=100%2C70&ssl=1 100w, 07 / Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png? Resize = 696% 2C492 & ssl = 1 696w, /Google-Foldable-Book-Smartphone-1.png?resize=1068%2C754&ssl=1 106 8w, 595w "sizes =" (max-width: 696px) 100vw, 696px "data-recalc-dims =" 1
A smartphone like this is … too cumbersome!

Or Google aims to create a product that better serves education and business, which is no stranger to technology experts here. Google Glass is a good example of a device that started the dream of "internet connection everywhere", but gradually it has become too far-fetched and unrealistic for consumers and is now turned into a real product. Products for Business.

google-duoc-cap-bang-sang-che-smartphone-man-hinh-gap-needs-cuon-sach-3 "srcset =" -content / uploads / 2019/07 / google-glass-chiec-kinh-thong-minh-tu-movie-vien-tuong-6319.jpg? w = 650 & ssl = 1 650w, 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px "data-recalc-dims =" 1
Google Glass smart glass

A flip-style phone with many flip-flop screens can become a great device for the education and business industries. At the Google I / O event held in May last, Google also said that the company has been researching a folding screen device for a long time, and has also had many prototypes.

Currently, Google has not spoken before the information on the patent. So it is unknown whether the company will commercialize this idea, or it will forever be in drawings. However, in the context of many reputable and emerging manufacturers participating in this market, Google probably does not want to stand outside the game. We need to wait a long time to know the answer.


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