Google is developing ad blocker for Chrome, reserved for heavy ads - Photo 1.

Google is developing ad blocker for Chrome, dedicated to "heavy ads".

While advertising is becoming the source of money for the internet we know today, they can sometimes create the worst experiences the web can bring. So, Google is studying how to automatically block some "heavy ads" on the web, which often tend to make the browser run slower.

In the past few years, Google has repeatedly changed the ability to block ads. Most recently, the company encountered intense opposition due to upcoming changes on how extensions block ads on Chrome. However, before that, Google has developed an integrated ad blocking extension for Chrome, designed to handle ads that Google considers non-compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

Based on the blog of Chromium open source browser, Chrome development team may be expanding this effort with a new ad blocker, targeting ads that use too many networks or CPUs – in the same way Google , "heavy ads"The Chromium development team blog also shared some other details about how to activate this ad blocking program, but these parameters can also be changed at any time.

The ads will be blocked if using more than 0.1% of bandwidth, 0.1% of CPU per minute and 0.1% of total CPU time. The current numbers are 4MB of network and 60 seconds of CPU, but this may change when there is more data.

While Chrome's current ad blockers remove ads across sites, blocking apps "heavy advertising"This will only handle problematic ads. The heavy ads on the page will be replaced with a notification about removal and the" Details "button so you can click and find out more.

Google is developing ad blocker for Chrome, exclusively for heavy ads - Photo 2.

In addition to the above, there is not much more information about the ad blocker integrated into Chome, such as when this feature will be available on different devices. When new development is at an early stage, it will probably take a few months for Google to launch this feature.

And similar to many other features we have seen in Chromium's source code, Google can completely remove the project before it can see sunlight.

Unlike other browsers, Google always needs an ingenious balance in ad blocking. As a developer of Chrome, one of the world's leading browsers, they are forced to enhance the user experience by eliminating malicious ads and now heavy advertising.

However, as the company behind advertising services such as AdWorks and AdSense, Google cannot make this move without being considered too strong for other advertising companies – something that can be considered as acts against competition.

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