Google honors Hoi An, the world's most charming city 2019 - Photo 1.

Google honors Hoi An, the world's most charming city 2019

Hoi An image on Google homepage today, July 16, 2016. Photo: Chanh Trung.

Hoi An ancient town is a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO and "The most charming city in the world 2019" according to readers of the world-renowned travel magazine Travel + Leisure in July 2016.

This is the first time in the history of Doodle, a specific landmark of Vietnam was chosen to honor. Following that today, on 16-7 when you read the Google search page, right on the homepage will display the image of Hoi An.

Representatives of Google Vietnam said: "Developing tourism along with preserving cultural heritage has made Hoi An become the first city of Vietnam to appear on the homepage of Google via the Google Doodles icon. This is a special time with the Old City Full Moon Festival in Hoi An, the roads along the Hoai River in the Old Quarter will prohibit traffic, quiet and no sound of engines and lights. electricity gave way to lanterns that were lit from 6 pm Local people lit incense on the ancestor altar praying for luck, and tourists could drop flowers to pray for peace, immerse in the fanciful space above Hoai river, enjoy traditional art activities at places attracting a lot of tourists, to Hoi An on the festival This full moon, visitors will immerse themselves in space many centuries ago. "

It is known that UNESCO organization has recognized Hoi An ancient town as a world cultural heritage on December 4, 1999. Not only is a tangible cultural heritage with the ancient town relics but Hoi An also owns an intangible cultural heritage that characterizes the folk culture of Central Vietnam such as Bai Choi Art (Heritage The intangible cultural representation of humanity was recognized by UNESCO on December 7, 2017), or the release of flowers on the Hoai River or rich cuisine with typical dishes such as Cao. The unique features of Hoi An ancient town create a special attraction for international tourists, making Hoi An become the most glamorous City in the world 2019 by Travel + Leisure Magazine readers voted World's Best list Awards 2019 in July 2016, as well as in the Top 10 most ideal summer destinations in the world 2019 voted by TravelTriangle.

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