Google hastily launched Pixel 4, though it was still "cool"

Google hastily launched Pixel 4, though it was still "cool"

Google has just released the image of the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone after information about device design and configuration spreads over the Internet. Pixel 4 is a leaked smartphone quite recently, mostly focusing on rear camera design. The latest video from YouTube Unbox Therapy channel even has the metal frame of Pixel 4, which is referenced by the manufacturer of bumper cases to make the phone case.

Below is Google's Google Pixel 4 design:

Twitter @ atn1988 users combine the two Google images provided to produce a complete picture:

The most notable point is that the rear camera design of the Pixel 4 is quite similar to the rear camera design rumors on iPhone 2019:

IPhone 3G9 build

On Twitter, Google said "wait to see what it can do" and only post photos behind Pixel 4. Maybe, the company wants to imply that the Pixel 4 camera is even better than the Pixel 3, which is being evaluated as the standard Gold in mobile photography.

From the image above, we observe 4 "holes" in the camera cluster but it seems that only 2 are camera lenses. 1 looks like flash and 1 like sensor. Pixel 3 only has one lens. Maybe the second camera on the Pixel 4 is a super wide angle instead of a telephoto. The wide-angle lens is the trend in 2019 when Samsung and OnePlus are both used on the Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro.


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