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Google has closed the YouTube Gaming application, why?

On May 30, Google stopped supporting the YouTube Gaming app for you to watch the stream as well as stream your favorite brother games to this platform to attract viewers and make money. Many people believe that this action by Google is to lose to Twitch's huge development, with e-sports tournaments and popular streamer characters choose this platform such as shroud, DrDisRespect or Ninja.

Previously, it was rumored that Google would buy Twitch, but only a blink of an eye and Twitch fell into the hands of Amazon with a deal worth nearly $ 1 billion in 2014. Since then, Twitch has become platform leading the stream game industry. Google then introduced YouTube Gaming, with the same features as Twitch to compete. But then in September, Google had to stop supporting the application and integrate it into the rest of YouTube, which is a huge video sharing service.

Twitch won the race, doesn't mean YouTube Gaming died prematurely

In January, Twitch had three times more streamer than YouTube, according to Newzoo. These streamer create 1.9 million hours of game play for audiences around the world, nearly four times the number of 460,000 hours of YouTube Gaming. However, if compared to growth, Twitch is losing to YouTube. Streamlabs said that in the fourth quarter of 2018, the number of streamer on Twitch increased by 8%, while the number of players choosing YouTube Gaming as the destination increased by 21%.

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Last year, YouTube game director Ryan Wyatt said more than 200 million viewers worldwide daily spend time watching game content on YouTube. Twitch did not mention the number of viewers, but Newzoo and Streamlabs estimated that Twitch's audience was four times higher than YouTube Gaming in the first quarter of 2019. YouTube Gaming did not fall back on both content quality and number of people. Play and viewers, but on the contrary still grow well. The reason why Google has to close the YouTube Gaming application is because …

Reduce YouTube fragmentation

The application of YouTube Gaming is a smart choice for Google, thus bringing all the streamer and video game viewers to the YouTube homepage. Not only that, this also allows Google to minimize fragmentation with their other services, such as Google Play Music, for players to spend monthly to stream music without worrying about copyright infringement. , or YouTube Red service with movies to compete with Netflix but has not been successful.

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Now Google is giving users a one-time payment, using both YouTube Music and YouTube Red services, then combining the Google Play Music All Access service into a single package, named YouTube Premium. Removing notes YouTube Gaming is a logical way to complete Google's strategy to enter the entertainment market.

Pave the way for Stadia

In March, Google introduced a streaming game service through the cloud server called Stadia. Including the Stadia service together with YouTube Premium means that Google has one product but competes with many other services, from Netflix, PlayStation Now, Twitch and even Spotify. Google's ambition to build Stadia is also terrible, creating a common platform for developing, playing and watching games.

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If Stadia is successful, Google will surely create a "Netflix for gamer" service as many compare, and at the same time acquire cloud gaming service and the world's largest video sharing platform. . At that time, Amazon's Twitch will be hard to become a rival to Google, because it only streams games and buys games, but how to play games with the click of a button through the browser?

Google certainly does not abandon the streamer market

Listen, Google stopped supporting YouTube Gaming application could be considered Twitch's victory. Fact is not, because Google is playing back a step to advance 3, or rather 30 steps. Whether it is successful or not, but Google's promises when introducing Stadia in March, they just played games on the cloud server, streamed directly to YouTube for everyone to see clearly. promise.


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