Google Flights aims to issue new alerts to save money for air travellers

oogle Flights tries to make the booking process easier (with less stress) with some new updates.

Google spokesman Craig Ewer confirmed to USA Today that Google introduced a new feature for all users in November and will notify them when cheaper flights are available at nearby airports. Google now offers a similar feature and will notify you if changing travel dates could mean saving a lot of changes.

“We want people to believe that Google flights can help you find the best flight that best suits your needs.” For example, if you fly from New York to Washington, and Offered flights that are half or less cheaper than what you are looking for, the website will notify you about itinerary changes.

Travelers don’t buy air tickets from Google (although they can book on the platform). The portal works with airlines and travel agencies to collect flight information. In fact, this is a one-stop shop with insight and ease of purchase.

Many other providers, such as special fares for kayaks and Scotts, offer similar lists. Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, and other products let you set price alerts via email to stay on flight status all the time (as is Google Flight). Some of these services include the option to add nearby airports or provide flexible dates when booking.

Google has been studying the biggest issues travelers face when booking flights. The biggest? Van As added: “People don’t know what a good price for an airplane is,” and they don’t know when to book.

The airport and price notification service is part of a series of changes made by Googlehas to help travelers most effectively. Earlier this year, it introduced a new type of price insight that tells you if the price of a discovered flight is relatively high, low, or typical. The service compares trips of similar duration and length throughout the year.

Google Flights is also trying to predict whether the prices of flights will remain stable or may rise in the next few days. When the platform has a high degree of confidence, one of two things will happen and it will notify the user.

Other tips to get the most out of Google Flights

Use the browse function. Find deals around the world by mentioning your home airport, where you want to go, when, and budget constraints.

filter. If you want to avoid stopovers or early morning flights, mark them when searching.

See other fare options. For example, look at basic economy or main class fares.

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