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Google.com replaces the magnifying glass with the button "Search" to make it easier to press

One of the current design trends is to replace pictograms with text buttons and Google.com is about to apply that by replacing the magnifying glass icon used for years with the words " Search "(or" Search ")

In some people 's search command typing box, the magnifying glass will be replaced by the word "Search" written in Google Sans font, which is symmetrical with the four – color microphone icon located in the other corner of the search box. When hovering, a circle around the oval will surround the word Search, and the search frame will have a pale gray envelope surrounded.

On the recently changed interface, when typing keywords into the search box, a series of magnifying glass icons will also appear on the left side of the keyword. These symbols are light gray and cannot be interacted with.

On the left is the old interface, on the right is the new interface.

With this change, the right part of the search box will have more words, slightly fancy but will attract more eyes. Now there is an opinion that the search command icon is a magnifying glass behind the multicolored microphone icon, which makes the search command sink more. Although after typing the keyword into the frame, pressing enter is Google will start searching but many people still have the habit of clicking on the magnifying glass button to find it.

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On the left is the old interface, on the right is the new interface.

Currently this change is being tested on some random users. As above, the photos have been updated to change, located in Google in the search section All. Do you see this change in your Google? Check it out.


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