Huawei fell off the horse as a time of heaven, the peace for Sony to rise - Photo 1.

Google Cloud has a problem, knocking down a series of popular services like Snapchat, Spotify, to Discord, Pokemon Go, etc.

Although the quality of photos of P30 Pro in particular and Huawei smartphones in general is still very controversial, there is an undeniable fact that this Chinese giant has contributed to improving competitiveness in the field of "photography." smartphone photo ". From dual camera, AI scene detection, RYYB sensor to "zoom" 50X zoom feature on "P" smartphone line, Huawei has created really different phone cameras.

But when global consumers are wondering whether to choose the P30 Pro instead of the iPhone XS Max or Galaxy S10 +, the US has decided to replace them. Last month, President Trump banned American companies from absolutely cooperating in any field with Huawei. Both Microsoft, Intel, ARM … have complied with the ban, but most notably Google: no longer have the right to cooperate with Android owners, Huawei smartphones sold outside China will have to use Huawei's rom to develop and cannot be accompanied by Google Play or any other Google service.

Almost certainly, Huawei market share will certainly evaporate. Who is enough to love Chinese smartphones to accept life without Google? Chinese people are absolutely able, but other countries are not sure.

No longer Huawei, the smartphone photography battle comes back with the code: Apple, Samsung and Google. Users can wait for Apple to show off another new AI feature, waiting for Samsung to show off its camera with more cameras and wait for Google to do the impossible. But no big man can threaten the 3 leading …

Huawei fell off the horse as a time of heaven and earth, for the people of Sony to rise - Photo 2.

It can be said that Mr. Trump's ban happened at an extremely beneficial moment for Sony. For a long time, Sony is still a sensor manufacturer that dominates the smartphone market (46%, double that of Samsung's second runner) and remains the leading force in the MLC village. Unfortunately, Sony is still in its seventh year, the others are not cooperating with the smartphone segment, and as a result, the Xperia has always faded away from all competitors over the past half decade.

This year, everything changed. Mobile array is merged into Alpha camera array. The success or failure of the Xperia now depends on those who make the Alpha camera. And they embarked on it, to bring the Xperia back to the right position: king of smartphone photography.

Huawei fell on horseback as a time of heaven and earth, and the peace for Sony rose - Photo 3.

The result is "Xperia 1", the smartphone focuses on the traditional strengths of Japanese giants, from movies, audio to cameras. In the field of photography, Xperia 1 proved extremely formidable when synthesizing a series of strengths such as 3 cameras (1 wide-angle, 2-dimple), BIONZ engine from Alpha camera, Eye AF focus technology ( auto-focus on human eyes), dual-diode autofocus, Optical SteadyShot combined with optical and electronic anti-shake …

Never have Sony smartphones caught up with Samsung smartphones on photos taken in the same year. There has never been a Sony smartphone that has such a range of advanced imaging features.

Even that is not all Sony can do. According to a reliable leak, Sony is also developing a smartphone with a set of 6 cameras. It is not clear which set of 6 cameras will include those components, but certainly a 6-camera smartphone made up of the "father" of Alpha cameras will create a big buzz in the "smartphone photography" village.

Huawei fell on horseback as a time of heaven, and the peace for Sony rose - Photo 4.

Such an echo is what users need to fill Huawei's vacancy. Such an echo is also what Sony needs to revive the Xperia. Last year, Sony's smartphone market share has continued to evaporate, Sony smartphones have been withdrawn from a series of international markets (including Vietnam). The only key to returning is to participate in the hottest "hot" race on mobile land: smartphone photography race.

Google from 0 has attracted attention only by the ability to take photos of Pixel. The father of Alpha cameras, the boss of the sensor market, is unlikely to be against Apple and Google? The time has come, only this time, Sony will really put the determination to win.

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