Google again "swirl" iPhone: both have Google services, why pay thousands? - VnReview
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Google again "swirl" iPhone: both have Google services, why pay thousands? – VnReview

Google's iPhone's "defamatory" campaign hasn't stopped yet when the company recently compared Pixel 3a to a phone … everyone knows.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL officially launched: camera like Pixel 3, reduced configuration, priced from 400 USD

More specifically, the image just posted on Twitter by Google continues to compare Pixel 3a, the recently launched mid-range smartphone for $ 399, with "Phone X" (implying iPhone XS) at a higher price is 999 USD.

According to the Android Authority, this photo is aimed at Google services equipped on two products. While Phone X "has Google" (has Google), Pixel 3a "is Google" (is Google). It seems that Google wants to say that both have Google services, why pay higher for "Phone X"? The company also stressed that Pixel 3a has a Google Assistant virtual assistant available while the "Phone X" must be downloaded.

Of course Pixel 3a is not the only smartphone available Google Assistant. Most Android smartphones today support, especially with extra hard buttons to enable virtual assistants (on Pixel 3a, you can enable Assistant by manipulating the border). On iPhone, users are forced to open the Google Assistant manually or order via Siri Shortcuts but the processing time is quite long.

Since the launch of Pixel 3a so far, Google has repeatedly "kicked" the iPhone publicly, even setting up billboards for iPhone's low-light shooting capabilities to highlight Pixel 3a's Night Sight feature.

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