Google adds the ability to look up the pronunciation right in the search query
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Google adds the ability to look up the pronunciation right in the search query

The Internet is a great language learning channel in the digital age today. Through search engines like Bing, Yahoo and especially Google, you can find answers to all questions related to foreign languages ​​on the internet, semantic words, vocabulary, grammar, and how to put sentences. , until the pronunciation of a word or phrase.

Recently, Google has added a feature to the Google Search engine that simplifies to the utmost the searching and practice of generating a word or phrase in many different languages, as well as bringing give you the exact meaning of the word.

For example, you go to Google Search and enter the keyword “how to pronounce quokka” (the pronunciation of the word quokka), Google will return the pronunciation and specific pronunciation of the word. You just need to turn on the speaker or plug in headphones to test it out.

In addition, you can also practice pronouncing the word “quokka” by using the device’s microphone or headphones, Google will give feedback to help you improve the pronunciation to the most accurate. To do this, Google will have to use voice recognition technology with the help of artificial intelligence to carefully analyze your pronunciation.

Not only that, there is another new feature that is especially useful when you study a foreign language. When you search for the translation of a word or its definition, Google will display additional illustrations to give you additional context in a more intuitive way, helping you understand the exact nature of the word. there. This feature will be especially useful for words with multiple meanings, or words that are not commonly used in all languages ​​or regions, local words.

Now you can experience all the above features with the English language. Google plans to launch similar experiences with Spanish, German, Chinese and other popular languages ​​in the near future.

If you do not know, this is how to change the language of Google Search, you just need to choose English to experience this new feature.


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