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Google added a link to the source of the lyrics after being accused by Genius

Just yesterday Google quickly added a link to the source of the lyrics at the bottom of the frame displaying the lyrics to be searched, letting users know where the lyrics were taken from. Brian White, a former Google search engineer, explained why Google's ranking team provided the band's information wrong. Behind Blue Eyes. Below is this specific information.

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Genius accused Google of stealing lyrics through unique watermark evidence

If you try to search the lyrics for the song Behind Blue EyesYou will be returned to Google's results with the information "composed by Limp Bizkit". However, Limp Bizkit only actually covers this cover of The Who recorded in 1971. The cover version of Limp Bizkit was released in November 2003.

Brian White made the following transcription comments:

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"I don't think this is a third-party error, but because the ranking team has mistaken the version of Limp Bizkit into the original song.

In fact, it is difficult to avoid this mistake. The first time listeners will hear the "Discover L I M P say it" accompaniment and think immediately that this is Limp Bizkit's song ".

Google also not only looks up lyrics from LyricFind, but also in many other sources, including the well-known information service of MusixMatch.

Here's an example when Google took the music source from MusixMatch:

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