Google accounts in the near future: two-factor authentication for all of them

Google accounts in the near future: two-factor authentication for all of them

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THE two-factor security it is not, in itself, a novelty. This is up to the conversion from option status to mandatory status of the method. Google has decided that this will be the case in their accounts – still an option, albeit for a short time. It is true, it is an extra layer for protection of web accounts, but not without risks for users who do not update personal data or who forget them frequently. See how the transition from freedom to a native method will be.

  • What is two-factor authentication

  • What’s the point?

  • How it will happen

  • What is already underway

What is two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, multi-factor security or two-step verification, is a security method currently adopted by almost all companies that create apps and web programs. In fact, it means logging in, with two procedures, always confirming the identity not only with a password, but verifying it on another device, for example, or a code (key). So, to open the inbox of an e-mail service, you must enter the usual password and confirm that you are you, accessing the inbox, to confirm on another device – tablet, PC, cell phone.

What’s the point?

Google explains that the initiative intends to put all accounts at a standard level of protection and security, minimizing complications with security breaches ( Vice]).

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How it will happen

Google will proceed in stages:

  • The first step will be a recommendation to users who have already activated this function, one day, continue to use and participate, with their feedbacks, in the tuning of the definitive activation for everyone.
  • Intermediate step: Google will send frequent notifications leading users to activate security by two factors when logging in, using a second device, cell phone, tablet, notebook, PC or using a physical security key. The notification will remind you that the function can prevent intrusions and theft of credentials.
  • The second stage will be the implementation, that is, the automatic activation of the method for all accounts and users, that is, it will no longer be an option, it will be a mandatory native resource, of any and all accounts of the internet giant. So, it is good to get used to it, whether or not you are adept at this function.

What is already underway

Users who already use the function are invited to confirm that they are who they are with authentication through a Google prompt on their mobile phone at each access, then to sign up for the automatic activation of the definitive feature (no return).

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