Goodnight Kawaii Little Monsters ... | VOGUE Blog

Goodnight Kawaii Little Monsters … | VOGUE Blog

Harajuku is the origin of KAWAII culture, which is now a universal language, and is a popular area in Tokyo where fashion and art are loved by many people.

Produced by Sebastian Masuda, who is considered to be the founder of the KAWAII culture, KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is an entertainment restaurant that has been fascinated by many people as a homage to the KAWAII culture since its opening in 2015.

Unfortunately, KAWAII MONSTER CAFE will close on January 31st. The monsters also have to return to their closets forever at the end of the day.

Harajuku is Tokyo’s beloved little city of fashion, fun and all things kawaii. The Beloved Kawaii Monster Cafe created by 6% Doki Doki artist Sebastian Masuda has been an homage to Kawaii culture and tasty fun since 2015. Sadly in a few days the monsters will have to go back into the closet as Kawaii Monster Cafe is closing it’s doors forever January 31st.

Creative genius, interior full of KAWAII, adorable monster girls … I would like to share with you a picture of me in honor of all of this KAWAII MONSTER CAFE.

This cafe, which is missed by many people, was a favorite memory place that I myself visited many times on children’s birthdays. I’m really lonely as a fan, but I’m looking forward to seeing the cute monsters somewhere again.

Please enjoy my photographs which honor it’s creative genius, interior design and Kawaii Monster Girls. Having had birthday parties here for my kids … it’s heartbreaking to see it go …

Hope to see you Kawaii Monsters soon …

Jimmy Cohrssen

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