Goodbye! BMW Motorrad announces its indefinite withdrawal from major auto shows

With the continuous evolution of science and technology, the introduction of new publications, and the raging pneumonia epidemic, many automakers have changed their future policies. And the motorcycle manufacturer BMW Motorrad has also fired its first shot recently, indicating that it will not participate in various major auto shows in the future. It also means that BMW Motorrad will be absent from this year’s Milan auto show, at least not in the form of an official car factory.

BMW Motorrad’s decision to make this decision is of course its own. As the market deteriorated due to the spread of the epidemic, BMW will hand in an unobtrusive report card in 2020. The overall global sales volume has dropped by 3.4%, which has led to the dismissal of major auto shows. idea. Of course, some people would think that such a decline should be within a reasonable range, but coupled with the multiple instability of the epidemic, switching sales strategies may be the best policy.

BMW Motorrad stated that this decision was made to maximize the safety of itself and its partners and eliminate all factors of instability. At the same time, starting in the autumn of 2020, BMW Motorrad has gradually tried to release its new products on its own virtual platform. Through the data analysis of the platform, BMW will also be better able to grasp the data and market reaction.

Of course, BMW also stated that it will continue to participate in local exhibitions in the future and will be presented in a different form. Whether this means that the 2021 Milan Auto Show will be exhibited by local dealers, which is also quite intriguing.

Of course, the concept published in virtual form is not set by BMW. As early as the beginning of 2020, SUZUKI and HONDA will invariably present their products to the world in the form of virtual presentations. This new concept exhibition venue will also become a trend in the near future.

This year, SUZUKI is more focused on the development of the online auto show. In addition to the online announcement of popular car models, it also added more interactive systems to make it more complete.

As for the future development of the announcements of various car manufacturers, there is no clear answer yet. However, after BMW fired the first shot, it is difficult to guarantee that more automakers will follow up in the future. It also means that such large-scale auto shows in the future will face unprecedented challenges. As for how such exhibitions will survive in the future, it is also quite worthwhile. Focus of attention. But for the people of Taiwan, being able to watch the new car at the first time is not a bad thing at all?

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