Good tips on iOS 11 can not be ignored when using iPhone, iPad
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Good tips on iOS 11 can not be ignored when using iPhone, iPad

Currently, there are a lot of people using iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad. But not everyone knows the good tips for your mobile phone in this new version. To help users have the most interesting experience while using iPhone and iPad in this article, we will show you some good tips when using iOS 11.

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1. Use a long passcode

This is a way to help you secure your phone information securely to avoid password theft, access to iPhone. When using a 6-digit Passcode, the number of passwords that hackers need to look for increases from 10,000 to 1,000,000. With this ratio, you can feel secure when the phone is in the hands of others.

Use long Passcode for iPhone

How to set a long passcode for iPhone, iPad: Settings (Settings) -> Touch ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Password) -> Type old passcode (Old password) -> Change passcode (Change password) – > Type Old Password -> Passcode Options -> Custom Alphanumeric Code or Custom Number Code.

2. Automatically wipe data

iPhone, iPad gives you the ability to delete all apps and data from your phone if it falls into the wrong hands. As long as you activate the TouchID and Passcode settings (Touch ID & Password), other users enter the wrong code 10 times in succession and will wipe your phone.

Automatically wipe data

To do this you need to do the following: Settings (Settings) -> Touch ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Password) -> Enter your personal password -> Erase Data (Clear data) -> Click Hentai.

3. Disable Touch ID temporarily

Compared to previous versions, the only way to force Touch ID to be disabled is to reboot the device or the user intentionally unlocks the Touch ID repeatedly so that the device uses the lock code or password. However, the new version of iOS 11 will help solve these problems more effectively.

Along with disabling Touch ID temporarily will give users quick access to the ability to dial emergency services if needed.

Disable Touch ID temporarily

If you want to turn this off, please refer to this article: How to disable Touch ID and Face ID on iOS 11 for added security

4. Turn off the accessibility features on the lock screen

Disabling certain features such as Today View, Siri, Home Control, or Control Center helps users to prevent bad guys from interfering with your phone, such as personal schedules, phone calls or texting. message via Siri, control HomeKit devices … without Touch ID or a Passcode (Password).

Disable accessible features on the lock screen

To turn off this feature, please follow these steps: Settings (Settings) -> Touch ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Password) -> Enter Old Password -> Scroll down to Allow Access When Locked (For allow access when the device is locked) -> Turn off information that you do not want displayed when the iPhone is locked.

5. Use 2 layers of security for Apple ID

If you feel that your phone does not have enough current security level, you can protect your Apple ID account through two layers of security, two-factor authentication.

Using two layers of security means signing in to your Apple ID account is not the usual way. Accordingly, Apple will send the code to one of your devices. Since then others cannot use your Apple ID to make purchases without your consent.

Use 2 layers of security for Apple ID

Steps: Settings (Settings) -> Access Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Management -> Password & Security -> Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2-factor authentication) ).

If you haven’t activated 2 layers of security for Apple ID, please refer to this article: Activate 2-layer verification to secure Apple ID account

Above are all the good tips not to be missed when using iPhone, iPad in iOS version 11. Hopefully through this article, you will help you to manage your mobile phone simply and more secure offline. .


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