Good tips for opening a car door when you forget the key

Good tips for opening a car door when you forget the key

If you accidentally leave your keys in the car or lose your keys and are in an urgent situation, the following car unlocking tips can be very helpful for you.

Use air bags

Air cushion, also known as airbag. This tool supports unlocking the car is relatively safe, simple but effective. You only need to create a small gap between the car door and chassis with the push lever, then insert the airbag pocket and squeeze the rubber ball to pump air into the mattress. In this way, the thrust accumulated in the air mattress will help the car door to open. Next, use a long iron rod (or a stick small enough) to slip inside the car through the opening created by the airbag pocket, to the control panel position to push the latch release button.

Use hanger trousers

This method is also used by many people when they leave keys in the car. However, this method will only work with horizontal locks.

First you grab a clothes hanger, then bend them and gently slip inside the car door. Turn the hook into the lock and slowly pull the latch up, the car door will be opened. However, this method requires you to be very patient and skillful because most people are not successful in the first try.

Use shoelaces

Use strong shoelaces or parachutes (1-2m) First you need to create a knot on the shoelace clip, then gently thread the knot on the laces into the correct latch inside the car, then you can open the car door from the outside. This method is only suitable for cars that use the zipper mechanism.

Use a screwdriver and a small iron rod

This method is quite simple, however, be careful because it can scratch the car.

Using a screwdriver, create a bit of space between the car door and the chassis to bring in the iron rod. You then use this iron bar to push the latch and open the car door. This approach is classic and also requires a lot of skill.

Use Slim Jim – thin metal strip

Perhaps you will know how to unlock this car through the movies because it is used a lot in car robberies in the film. All you have to do is insert this metal strip into the middle of the window in a lever mechanism and then slide off the locking bar.

Use a plastic strip

Bend the plastic strip in an arc, then insert through the glass window and pull to lift the lock.

Use a dedicated unlocker

This can be considered as one of the safe ways, does not scratch car paint and reduce the possibility of damage to the locks in the best way. Basically, all you need to do is put the key in the lock and try the different styles until you unlock the car. However, in order to have a high probability of success, users need to have knowledge about the structure as well as the principle of operation of the lock. As long as you know how to use this professional locker, everything will become easier.

Call a locksmith

Remember that you are using a tool to unlock the car without a key, you may need to try it a few times. Most of us should call locksmiths. Locksmiths have all the tools and skills so it will be easy to unlock quickly and safely.


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