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Good reason for the ugly design of iPhone 11: battery life | Why iPhone 11 has a bad design

In recent iPhone versions, it is possible to see the iPhone 11 version of this year as the least loved and expected version.

The cluster of 3 camera protrusions on the iPhone's back is considered the main culprit. It was described by many analysts as "ugly" and "boring", making it impossible for most Apple fans to believe that the Cupertino giant created a design that was far different from the appraisal. Their usual beauty. However, a recent report shows that all these changes have a really reasonable reason.

According to Forbes, changes in the design of the iPhone 11 are really an important prelude to the great phones coming out next year. YouTuber Filip Koroy (EverythingApplePro) said that these new changes will be "a turning point" of the iPhone in the coming years.

Koroy was the first to confirm the design of the iPhone 11, after being told to buy an iPhone 11 Max case from a supplier in China. In his new video, Koroy points out that some interesting differences lie in the phone's logic circuit, and it might explain why Apple has come up with a critique of design like this year.

The good reason for the ugly design of iPhone 11: battery life - Photo 2.

Leaked logic circuit design is said to be the new iPhone 11.

According to this report, if you look at it, these changes seem to be very small – Apple only switched from the usual L-shaped logic circuit on iPhone X and iPhone XS to a more compact, rectangular design. However, Koroy points out that this small change may have a bigger meaning: Apple will have a much larger battery than the iPhone XS, which can be up to 15% – 20% in size.

The good reason for the ugly design of iPhone 11: battery life - Photo 3.

The more compact board will allow for a 15-20% larger battery.

This means Apple is paving the way to transition from 4G to 5G, a technology that can become popular in the coming years. New logic board design can also help reverse charging become more useful for accessories like AirPods.

"Apple is very serious about batteries this yearFurthermore, this change also shows that, even if the iPhone 11 is not equipped with 5G technology, it is still an important platform for testing the reverse charge, which is expected to continue. continued to appear next year.

Is iPhone 11 worth buying? If you accept the ugly design as seen in the rumors (and has been confirmed by various sources), and want a bigger battery, a more powerful processor (as usual after each New iPhone life), the upcoming iPhone event in September will be very desirable.

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