Apple opens a shop right in Changi Airport (Singapore): Good news for iPhone merchants in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Good news for Vietnamese iPhone merchants

In mid-2017, Apple opened the first Apple Store in Singapore and also in Southeast Asia. Located on Orchard Road, the Apple Store is not only a place for users to own the latest Apple products, but also for technical support, learning about new features as well as getting acquainted with people. share a passion for Apple products.

However, Apple's opening of Apple Store in Singapore is not only good news for people living here, but also good news for Vietnamese people. Singapore is always on the list of the first countries that Apple opened to sell iPhone, plus the geographical location near Vietnam (flying straight from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore only takes about 2 hours), so this is a favorite destination likes of domestic iPhone merchants. Every year on the occasion of the new iPhone launch, hundreds of Vietnamese people set foot in Singapore to line up to buy iPhones, then immediately respond to the earliest flight back to Vietnam to sell machines.

Vietnamese merchants lined up to buy iPhone XS in September 2018

Apple Store Orchard Road is 20 km from Changi International Airport, which takes about 30 minutes if the road is airy. Although not far away, but the process of moving from Apple Store to the yard has made many traders "from profit to loss". Unable to check-in and missed the flight, the merchant then lost money to re-book the ticket, not only did it fly back later. And, just a few hours late, the value of an iPhone has lost several million.

But the latest move from Apple may make Vietnamese traders less pressured. Apple has officially confirmed that it will launch the second Apple Store at Jewel Changi Airport on July 13. And just as you think: This Apple Store is located right inside Changi Airport, more specifically in the newly opened Jewel complex in mid-April this year.

Apple opens a store right in Changi Airport (Singapore): Good news for Vietnamese iPhone merchants - Photo 2.

The first image of the Apple Store is located at the Jewel complex inside Changi Airport

Being located right in the airport, queuing up to buy iPhones for merchants becomes more convenient than ever. Just a few minutes after arriving, the merchant was able to set foot in the Apple Store in Jewel to line up. After buying, the merchant only takes a few minutes to be present at the airline's check-in counter to check in and board the plane to return home.

According to the annual practice, the new iPhone generation will likely be launched by Apple and sold in September. And, this September will also be the first time Vietnamese merchants will experience buying iPhone in one of the regions. Airport complexes are rated as top today.

However, if in the past years the image of Vietnamese people queuing up and even scrambling to win the iPhone purchase has created a bad impression in the eyes of Singaporeans, will this year, the Singapore government accept this? The same thing happens at the "jewel" inside the airport that is considered the world No. 1, and also the place where not only Singaporeans but also many international friends will admire or not? Let's wait and see.

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