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Good news for Huawei: Intel and Microsoft continue to support its laptops

After easing the ban with Huawei, many US companies resumed cooperation with Huawei. The latest is information Intel and Microsoft will continue to support the line of leading Chinese corporations as well as cloud computing, enterprise solutions and other areas.

A few months ago, when Huawei was on the blacklist and subjected to a lack of co-operation or buying components from US companies, the shipments were suspended. However, Huawei is determined to reduce its dependence on US companies. Initial reports indicate that Huawei will release a new laptop on July 1.

But experts all over the world have a common idea: China's young technology cannot produce a replacement chip for Intel, AMD or ARM architecture. And in fact, after July 1, no Huawei device appeared without depending on US technology.

Fortunately after the US President eased the ban, Huawei can now continue to develop its laptop products, notably Huawei MateBook and Honor MagicBook.

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