Good cardiovascular health reduces the risk of Alzheimer's
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Good cardiovascular health reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s

If the blood vessels suffer or are in poor condition, the brain is poorly supplied with water. Therefore, this situation makes the bed of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Researchers in Paris and Bordeaux, working under the aegis of Inserm, have been able to verify this by following more than 6,600 people over the age of 65 for sixteen years.

They based their study on the concept of “optimal cardiovascular health” developed by American cardiologists. Seven parameters are taken into account: smoking, weight, physical activity, diet, cholesterol level, glucose level and blood pressure.

If these 7 parameters reach an ideal level (for example: do not smoke, stay thin, a cholesterol without excess …), the risk of dementia drops by 70% (10% for each parameter). “The simple fact of having only one parameter at the ideal level is associated with a reduced risk of dementia”, indicates an Inserm press release dated August 22, 2018.

“Everyone is involved in their own health”, recalls Cécilia Samieri, responsible for this study.

Source: Jama, August 21, 2018.

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